The People of God's Church

What kind of people are in the church? Reason and logic would tell us that the best people are the church, the good people, the wise and the righteous. But Scripture shows us something completely different. The church is filled with sinners. God’s grace reaches out into every segment of the population and brings broken, lost, contaminated people into his family. And then he washes them clean.

Rahab was not one of the good people. She wasn’t even an Israelite. Rahab was a prostitute. She was a part of a godless, enemy city that was facing God's judgment after generations of disobedience.

But God reached her and brought her into his family. Clearly, God brings all kinds into his church. That is grace, the same grace that he shows in every generation. He reaches into the darkest places of filth and despair—and he brings people into his family.

Thank God, he chooses people like us. We know who we are. We know how much we need him. And he comes. Jesus came and endured the wrath of God to bring people like Rahab, people like us out of the dungeons of sin and into his glorious freedom and light.

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