November 4, 2020

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Trinity Families,

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Real Power

When we elect people, we put them into positions of power and authority. Sometimes that power is considerable. But it is important to remember that all earthly power is limited and temporary. The policies one group creates will be changed by those who follow. The things that they do don’t last forever; they can end and be undone.

Ultimate power always and only rests with God. His will cannot be thwarted and what he establishes cannot be undone. The laws he established at creation are still in force. The commandments he instituted are still binding. And all people, regardless of politics or creed, will stand before his throne to be judged at the end of days.

God gave the prophet Daniel a vision of his divine power and eternal authority. He is ancient, pure, and power fairly blazes around him. He is attended by myriads of angels and everyone stands accountable before him.

What is astonishing is how God chose to use all that power. He used it all to rescue us. He sacrificed himself and freed us from sin and death. Now his majesty and power are our refuge and our strength. It’s God’s mercy that cares for us. It’s his will that guides us. And it’s his victory that put our names into the book of life.

We live in an uncertain world. Politics will always be played and earthly power will constantly shift and change. But in all the chaos, we have peace. No matter who happens to be in power on earth, we rest securely in God’s grace.


God bless,

Pastor Tesch



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