We Are Not Alone

It's hard to feel alone, especially when you are being persecuted or are in danger. The apostle Paul knew how that felt. He was in prison for his faith and was facing death. Paul had been forsaken by his friends, but he was not alone. Paul knew that he was never alone, even when his friends deserted him. Jesus was always with him. Paul trusted in God’s answer to Darius’ question in the Old Testament: “Was your God able to rescue you?” Jesus fulfilled the first promise in the Gospel lesson: “the Spirit of your Father will be speaking through you.” And Paul believed the second promise, too: “whoever endures to the end will be saved.” Paul knew that God would rescue him from every evil—not always avoiding danger, but being with him through danger. Paul knew that even if he died for Christ, God would rescue him and bring him to heaven. Eventually the headsman’s sword took Paul’s life; and Jesus rescued him and took him to his heavenly kingdom. Lord, keep us faithful in the face of any persecution!