The Church Forgives

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re forgiven—really forgiven—completely forgiven. Not just “I-won’t-punish-you-but-I will-always-see-you-as-a-sinner” forgiven, but “Your-sins-are-completely-gone—I-don’t-even-remember-them—and-I-love-you-with-all-my-heart” forgiven.

But we underestimate God. His love is limitless. His forgiveness is complete. And he means it when he says our sins are gone. He doesn’t see sin when he looks at us; he sees his children—washed clean and pure. Joseph’s brothers are a great example of carrying guilt and underestimating forgiveness. And Joseph is a good example of God’s heart.

God’s people still display that grace. The church is a place of forgiveness. It’s a place where guilt is removed and shame is washed away. It’s a place where sinners find freedom and share the love of God with each other. It’s rare to find a place where everyone is equally guilty and just as equally forgiven. It has to be a place filled with God—a place where we’re gathered in his name. It’s church. Come and share the love!