We're just passing through this world to our Heavenly Home. We have important work to do while we're here, but it's all in preparation for eternity.

The church is moving.

That may come as a surprise, but the church is moving. It has been for a long time.

First, it’s moving to heaven, a little bit at a time. There will come a day when Jesus comes to bring everybody at once, but, for now, individuals move to heaven when God calls them Home.

There’s a lot of comfort in knowing that we have a home in heaven. It’s good to know that there’s more than this sin filled world. There are some things I won’t mind leaving behind. I won’t miss Covid-19. I won’t miss depression or sin or frustration or guilt. I won’t miss exhaustion or pain. I won’t miss tension or anxiety or disappointment. In fact, when it comes down to it, I won’t miss most of it. The only things I would really miss are people—and they’re coming to Heaven with me.

They’re coming with me because of the second way the church is moving.

The church (that’s us) is moving throughout the world, doing the works of God. We’re filled with the power of the Spirit and every one of us is bringing light into this sin-darkened world.

That’s exciting! God is moving in us—changing us. He fills our dead and selfish hearts with his power and love. And, he is moving through us. God changes lives through the work we do. He brings hope to the despairing and healing to the broken. He brings forgiveness to the guilty and fills empty lives with his love. He brings redemption to people condemned by their own sin.

God saves people. And he moves through us to do it.

The church is moving.

Wherever we move, we bring life and light and peace to people who desperately need it. There are so many people who haven’t heard—so many people who don’t know. The need has never been greater.

We need to move.


If you have some pictures you are willing to share in our worship video on Sunday, please send them in! It’s always wonderful to see the faces of our Trinity family. If you know of someone who would like the service on DVD or the audio on CD, please let us know.