Hope Restored - Easter 3

Can you imagine talking with someone who didn’t know about the coronavirus? You’d have to wonder where they’d been for that last few weeks. You’d also have a lot of bad news to share.

That’s the situation that two disciples found themselves in. Of course, their experience wasn’t typical. It wasn’t just a random stranger who was walking with them. And where he’d been for the last few days was pretty amazing. Because of who he is and where he’d been, he was going to change the world for these two disciples.

Think of who this was: Jesus is God himself! Imagine the love, the power, and the grace that was right there. And think of where he’d been: In the last few days, he’d been to hell and back! He conquered Satan. He destroyed the power of sin. He opened the gates of heaven. The disciples just didn’t know it yet. They were still focused on depressing worldly news. Jesus was operating on a completely different level. They were about to get a glimpse of it.

The disciples on the way to Emmaus didn’t recognize Jesus right away. That’s pretty typical. Most people don’t recognize Jesus. Even those of us who do, tend to underestimate him. It’s hard not to! How do we comprehend walking with God? Jesus began to unwrap the Scriptures and started to reveal more and more about himself. As he did, the Emmaus disciples’ hearts were opened, their outlook was changed, and they grew more and more excited. They finally reached the point where their sadness disappeared and they were so excited that they went the 10k back to Jerusalem to share their excitement with their brothers and sisters.

Some things are the same now. It’s still pretty typical to have bad news to share. People still don’t recognize Jesus. And Jesus still banishes sadness and fills hearts. People still underestimate who Jesus is, where he’s been, what he’s done, and what a difference he makes.

But, while we’re focusing on sickness, bad news, and limitations, Jesus is forgiving sins, opening hearts, and leading people to heaven.

Let’s pray that Jesus will come to us and open our hearts with his word. Let’s pray that he will equip us to share the good news to bring light to hearts that are darkened with sin and sadness. Let’s celebrate the change that Jesus brings: from sadness to excitement and from death to life.