The more we read the Gospels—the more we learn about Jesus’ life and ministry—the more awestricken we become. Jesus changed lives. He changed history. He changed everything!

Jesus went head to head with the prince of evil. He descended into darkness to demolish the dungeons of the devil and to free the captives who languished there.

The darkness fought back. Satan tried to suborn him. Sinners tried to defame him. Jesus was under constant attack until the day he died. His victory for us was hard-fought, hard-won, and beyond price.

And now it is ours. It is ours to cherish, ours to celebrate, and ours to proclaim from the housetops!

Jesus warns us to expect the darkness to fight against us, too. They went after Jesus; of course they will come after us. But we don’t have to be afraid. Three times in six verses Jesus says, “Do not fear!” We don’t have to be afraid because God sees everything. We don’t have to be afraid because they cannot touch our soul. We don’t have to be afraid because our heavenly Father watches over us.

When we look forward, we know that we will be walking into the darkness. That’s where the work is. That’s where people are trapped in sin. We see hardship. We see persecution. And, we see the opportunity to confess Jesus. We see the power of the Holy Spirit working through us to rescue people who are languishing in sin. When we look further, we see Jesus standing with us at his Father’s throne in heaven.

Let’s walk together in faith to carry the name of Jesus to souls who are dying without him!