October 14, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

​King Manasseh was a piece of work. He was the poster boy for evil. He started when he was twelve years old and for 55 years, he committed every atrocity and every blasphemy that he could think of. He undid all the good work that his father had done. Then he dove headlong into idolatry, omens, and evil. He put profane altars into God’s own house. He sacrificed his son in the fire. He filled Jerusalem with blood. He led God’s people into such apostasy that their sin was worse than the nations that God had driven out.

Manasseh defied and rebelled against God for decades! What can you do with someone like that?

God was patient. God kept reaching out. And, when he was ignored, he reached out again.

God is patient like no other.

How long are we willing to put up with defiance? How long will we reach out to someone who refuses to listen? God’s patience is awe-inspiring. Is also brings us to our knees in in worship. God is patient with us. When we sin, he reaches out. When we ignore him, he reaches out again. When we defy him. When we commit the same sins over and over again. When we ignore him, insult him, and shame him. He is patient with us.

God’s patience with Manasseh illustrates God’s grace and the depth of his love. Think about the depth of Manasseh’s sin as we read this text this morning. Then be in awe of God’s grace when you realize that God forgave him! We understand God’s judgment. People deserve it. What brings us to our knees in worship is God’s forgiveness. He sent his Son to forgive us. Jesus died to forgive even the worst of sinners.


God bless,
Pastor Tesch

Here is the link to our online worship: 2020-10-11 Pentecost 19

Here is the worship bulletin if you’d like to follow along: The-Nineteenth-Sunday-after-Pentecost

Here is the Announcements bulletin: 2020-10-11-Announcements-The-Nineteenth-Sunday-after-Pentecost

Quarterly Voters’ Meeting is this Sunday Oct. 18, after our 10 am Worship Service.           

Men’s Breakfast is this coming Monday at 9am in the Church Basement.     

A Stewardship Committee Meeting will be held directly after.


🍁 The PTO is looking for some volunteers!!!
🍁 We are looking for any volunteers who are willing and able to meet at the school with a sturdy rake!
🍁 We are looking at raking up some of the wood chips to help fill in the holes around the playground equipment.
🍁Dont have a rake? Don’t worry the school has a couple that you can borrow.
🍁 If you are willing and able please meet on Sunday, October 18th from 2:00 pm- 4:00pm (it may not take 2 hours)
🌧 Our rain date is set for: Sunday, October 25th from 2:00pm- 4:00pm

Many hands make for quick work!