November 25, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Dear Trinity Families,

Here is your Daily Devotion


The Problem of People

It seems that the more people there are, the more corruption there is, too. In Noah’s time, there were only 8 faithful people on the whole planet. So, God sent a flood to save them.

Today, the world is filled with corruption, too. Do you think that it might be time for judgment again?

When we consider how corrupt the human race is, there is a temptation to consider ourselves uncorrupt. It’s part of our nature to look outside of ourselves when we identify the problems of the world. We know that our own hearts are corrupted by sin and that we deserve God’s judgment, too. Where would we deserve to be: inside the ark or outside?

During Advent, we prepare ourselves to face God’s judgment. We prepare to celebrate the Jesus’ arrival to rescue us from sin. And we cling to God’s grace as we contemplate standing before our King when he returns.

It’s no wonder that we sing songs of praise to our Savior. He saved Noah and his family with the waters of the flood. He saves us through the waters of baptism and the Living Water of his Word.

There is no better preparation for this life or for the next than the Word of our God, it is his power for salvation! It cleanses our hearts and lifts us out of corruption and into grace.


God bless,

Pastor Tesch