November 19, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Dear Trinity Families,

Here is your Daily Devotion


The Glory of the King

Jesus is the King of the Universe, the Almighty Judge of all that exists. He can go anywhere. He can do anything. And nobody can tell him, “No!”

So, with unlimited options and ultimate authority, what does the omnipotent God of all creation choose to do?

He shepherds lost and wandering sheep.

Is there any greater expression of grace? Has there every been a more profound act of love? From his high and lofty throne, Jesus saw that we were lost. He came down to find us. He saw that we were hurt. He came to heal us.  He saw that we were weak. He came to give us strength.

And now, Jesus Christ, king of Kings and lord of Lords, undisputed ruler of the universe, takes care of us.

As we read Ezekiel 34, notice how focused God is on our needs and how committed he is to our welfare. As you go through your days, remember that Christ the King is with you, taking care of you as a shepherd cares for his sheep.


God bless,

Pastor Tesch


We celebrate the End Times at the end of the Pentecost Season. It’s a time for us to remember that we have an appointment before God’s throne. We really want to be ready for that.

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Thanksgiving Worship: We will be holding special Worship Serve’s in honor of Thanksgiving – Wed. Nov 25th at 6pm & Thurs Nov. 26 at 9am

Christmas Tree of Giving: We want to help those in our church family who are struggling to make ends meet. If your family could benefit from our generosity this holiday season, please fill out a form for each child in that family. All the information is confidential and never given out to anyone. The only information on the tree is the child’s age, if they are a boy or girl and info pertaining to their wish list. Forms need to returned in no later than Nov. 23rd. Please call the church office or Karen Schrank at 715-587-1332 for any additional information. The link is also accessible on our online announcements.