November 12, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Trinity Families,

     Here is your Daily Devotion

What Is God Doing?

In Ezekiel 37, God gives us some vivid pictures of what he does. The first half of the chapter shows his giving life. The second half shows his fixing it when we break it.

God tells Ezekiel to use an object lesson. He joined two sticks together to make them one. In that object lesson God illustrated how he would fix what his people had broken. At first glance, it seems that what God is going to fix is the political fracture between the northern and southern tribes of Israel. But the description doesn’t support that thought. God’s promise to make them one nation under one king doesn’t match any historical state of Israel. Neither does the description of the people. The people in this healed nation will never break the first commandment or indulge in any sinful practice. That doesn’t fit any earthly group of people.

God is describing how he would redeem the whole world and bring us into his kingdom. We are called from everywhere on the planet, cleansed of our sin, we are made God’s people, and we follow our Good Shepherd. We live in his kingdom forever under God’s covenant of peace.

It is always amazing to see God’s love in action. He reaches out to sinful, broken people and heals them. He repairs the relationship that we broke and brings us back into his family.

In this chapter, notice how many times God says he will act. He brings, gathers, makes one, saves, cleanses, makes a covenant, establishes, and multiplies his people. God’s kingdom is more about what God does than what we do. On Saints Triumphant Sunday, we celebrate God’s power on our behalf. Our triumph rests solely and securely in God’s almighty power. In the last four verses, God uses the word “forever” four times to describe the coming kingdom. It will be a kingdom without divisions (one stick, one nation, one king, one shepherd—forever). Heaven is our final home of triumph!

We may not think of heaven that often, but it is home. It is ours. And it is forever.


God bless,

Pastor Tesch


Our Food Pantry is almost empty and needs your help

Our Food Pantry is an expression of God’s love to the people in our community. You can help share his love by bringing your donations to your TLC Food pantry. Please consider bringing one food item with you to Sunday’s Worship.  Thank you to everybody who helps donate food.                                                    The pantry is open Tuesday & Thursday from 10am-12pm.