June 11, 2020 – Created by God (Synod Devotion)

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Dear Trinity Family,

Make sure you read the announcements after today’s devotion. We get to sing again!

Here’s today’s devotion from our synod.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them.
Genesis 1:27

What a blessing it is to be created by God! And how humbling it is to realize how far short we have fallen from the perfect creatures he intended us to be. The Bible tells us we were created in God’s image and describes that image as perfect, holy, and righteous. And as we look in the mirror, we realize that no longer describes us.

When we look at the mirror of God’s commandments, perfection is not what stares back at us. When we consider what God wills for us to do, what do we find when we look at our lives? Sure, there are some outward signs of morality as we are kind to people, and we volunteer for things in our community. But underneath the surface, what do we see? Perhaps some hateful, unkind thoughts toward a sibling or coworker. Terrible language is thrown around as we work or mutter under our breath. Then there are the things that lurk in our hearts that we don’t like to acknowledge: greed, lust, selfishness, and anger. These things come out all too often in our words and actions as well. God’s image? Not so much.

That’s when we need to look to Jesus. In him, we find everything we are not: kindness, selflessness, generosity, contentment, a complete lack of pride and ego. Our Savior lived a perfect life in our place. He did everything that you and I have failed to do. He also avoided every sin and temptation that we fall into. Jesus is our perfect Savior and supplies everything that we lack.

And by the miracle of the cross, when God looks at us, he sees Jesus in our place. Through faith in him, Jesus’ righteousness is now our righteousness. His victory is our victory. Jesus has restored us and brought us back to God. He ensured that we will go to heaven, where we will live forever with that image of God fully restored!

Dear Savior, forgive me for all my sins. Thank you for living a perfect life in my place and earning salvation for me. Help me to know that in you, God sees me as righteous. Help me to live as his child today. Amen.

God bless you,

Pastor Tesch


Worship at Trinity

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It is wise to wait a bit if you are at risk or would just like to wait for the pandemic to fade. God willing, we will worship together when he ends this plague.

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We’re Going to Sing! – The CDC has removed the recommendation not to sing in their Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith document. So we will sing God’s praises together this weekend! Hallelujah!!


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