July 13, 2021 – Not Just for the Good Guys

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Dear Trinity Families,

Here is your WELS Devotion


He said: “Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites, to a rebellious nation that has rebelled against me; they and their ancestors have been in revolt against me to this very day. The people to whom I am sending you are obstinate and stubborn.”
Ezekiel 2:3,4

Not Just for the Good Guys

God doesn’t just love the “good guys.”

It is perhaps the greatest miracle in the entire Bible. Sure, the Bible tells us about people walking across seas, the blind receiving their sight, and empires brought to their knees. But the greatest miracle in the entire Bible might be that God loves the rebels and transgressors and the obstinate and stubborn.

Many years ago, God sent a man by the name of Ezekiel to speak to his people. These weren’t “good guys.” They had rebelled against God’s commands. They had transgressed his commands. When they were told to turn from their sin, they stubbornly refused to listen. Despite this, God still sent Ezekiel to the people of Israel to share his message that the people needed to turn from their sins that God might forgive their ways.

There are many days when we cannot describe ourselves as “good guys.” We have moments when we are selfish and uncaring. There are times when we are stubborn and disobedient to God. We have all rebelled against God and not obeyed what he commands. Yet God still calls us back through his servants. He sends pastors and teachers to instruct us in the Word. He uses the biblical encouragement of friends and family to call us to repentance.

God even sent his own Son, Jesus, to live and die for rebellious and stubborn people. He sent his Son to have us turn from our sins, to speak words of love and forgiveness, and to make us his people for all eternity. God didn’t send Jesus just for the “good guys,” but for you and me.

Dear Father, I thank you for sending Jesus for people like me. May I always hear your voice through those you have sent. Amen.

God bless,



This Sunday after our 9:00 am Worship Service we will be having a Quarterly Voters’ Meeting

We are in need of donations for snacks. The following items not signed up for are:  
  • juice boxes (100% juice, no sugar added)                                      Qty. – 300
  • individual cream cheese cups                                                           Qty. – 150
  • pints of blueberries                                                                             Qty. – 20
  • quarts of strawberries                                                                        Qty. – 16 lbs
  • mini bagels                                                                                            Qty. – 10 bags
  • honey wheat pretzel twists                                                                 Qty. – 5 bags
  • Gluten Free mini bagels                                                                      Qty. – 1 bag
  • Gluten Free Graham Crackers                                                           Qty. 1 bag
Money donations for snacks are also being accepted.
If you would like to donate any of the above for our snack time at VBS, please contact Lynn  or respond to this email.
Thank you in advance for your support. It is greatly appreciated!

Let’s express our love for Jesus and for each other and Worship together!

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