January 22, 2021

LynnDaily Devotion

Dear Trinity Families,

Here is your Daily Devotion

The church in Antioch had a diverse congregation. There were people from different backgrounds, economic groups, and cultures. What they all had in common was their faith, their Savior, and their heavenly home. Our congregation, too, has a variety of personalities, histories, and gifts. God calls us all to serve together in his kingdom.

Sometimes our call is the universal call to all Christians. We are all called to worship and to serve. We are all called to share our faith and to encourage each other. Sometimes a call is more specific. We can be called to preach, to teach, to lead, to organize, or to service in a myriad of other ways according to our gifts. Every call into Christian service is a call from God and blessed by the Holy Spirit.

Barnabas and Paul were set apart for mission work. They brought the word of God everywhere they were sent by the Holy Spirit. The work would not be easy or convenient (important work rarely is), but they were not alone. God was with them and faithful Christians supported them.

And so it is with our calls. Whether public or private, God is with us, and faithful Christians serve together to the glory of God and the salvation of precious souls.


God bless,

Pastor Tesch

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We’re On the Radio – WOCO (FM 107.1 or AM 1260) broadcasts worship services for our WELS congregations. Our worship services at Trinity are now being broadcast, too! We will be on the radio this Sunday (January 24) at 11:00AM. We’ll be on the radio again on February 28.
Grace, Crivitz (Pastor Zietlow), St. John, Grover (Pastor Sargent), Our Savior & St. Mark, Lena & Spruce (Pastor Landwehr), and Zion, Peshtigo (Pastor Myslik) are broadcast in the intervening weeks.

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The First Quarterly Voters’ Meeting of 2021 will be held this Sunday after 10:00am Worship Service