Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week Sept. 28 – Oct. 3, 2020

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, September 28, Leviticus 17

Vv. 10-12 — “Eating Blood Forbidden.”  Why weren’t the Israelites permitted to eat blood?  There are 2 reasons given in v. 11.  This passage and v. 10 explain why Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t use blood transfusions.  They, however, fail to read the New Testament.  Because Jesus was the fulfillment of the Ceremonial Laws, it is no longer necessary to obey them.  Read Col. 2:14, 16, 17 and Gal. 3:24, 25.


Tuesday, September 29, Leviticus 18

  1. 21 — Why is offering a child to Molech inserted in this chapter discussing adultery? That’s because this was a part of the sexual fertility rites in the worship of Molech. Molech was the god of the Ammonites.  In their worship, children were sacrificed to Molech.  Think of it, King Manasseh gave his sons into such a death!  (II Chron. 33:6) In Israel this sin was punished by death.  Read Lev. 20:2. Is our country much better?  The national sin in the USA is abortion.  Thousands of babies are sacrificed annually.  As Israel did, we need to heed God’s grim warning in vv. 24-25.
  2. 22 — This chapter goes into great detail discussing what God considered adultery. This also included homosexuals and lesbianism. (Lev. 20:13) In the New Testament, God speaks out against that sin in I Cor. 6:9-11 and Rom. 1:26-27.
  3. 25 — The land is pictured as so horrified and upset by these sins (vv. 21-23) that it vomits them out. How God fulfilled this word picture was by having Israel destroy all the inhabitants of Canaan when they conquered it.


Wednesday, September 30, Leviticus 19

  1. 2 — The commandments that God describes in this chapter are the first through the eighth commandments. Most of what is there is for us to follow. For a happy and peaceful life here on earth, let’s heed God’s commands.
  2. 32 — While we’ve always had old people in our country, excellent food and advances in medicine are extending the age of the elderly. What God says to us in v. 32 also applies to us today. Read also Prov. 23:22 and I Tim. 5:1, 2


Thursday, October 1, Leviticus 20

Vv. 9, 10, 13, 16 — Notice the many sins that were punishable by God with death.  God wanted His laws kept!  What really, however, moved Israel and moves us to keep them is not threat, but His love in the Gospel.  Read II Cor. 5:14, 15.

Vv. 7, 26 — While God demanded holiness of the Jews, He reminded them that He was the One who made them holy.  He made them and us that way through His perfect work of redemption on Calvary’s Cross.  Cf. I John 1:7.


Friday, October 2, Leviticus 21

Vv. 10, 13, 21 — Notice the high standard God set for His priests.  Pastors and teachers today are also to live exemplary lives.  In their positions, they are to set an example for the whole congregation on how to live as a Christian.  Sin draws us not closer, but further from God.  Read I Tim. 3:1-7.


 Saturday, October 3, Leviticus 22

  1. 32 — We don’t make ourselves holy. It’s impossible because we come into this world spiritually dead. Read Eph. 2:1-2 and Rom. 8:7. God makes us holy.  This holiness he charges to our account is the sinlessness that Jesus won for us on Calvary’s cross.  Read Gal. 3:26-27, Phil. 3:8-9 and Eph. 2:4-5.