Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week October 25 – October 30, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, October 25, Job 18

  1. 5-21 – Bildad believes that every wicked person suffers the consequences of his wickedness in this life. Bildad wants to make Job feel that he has brought his trouble on himself by some evil in his heart or life.
  2. 14 – The “king of terrors” is death.


Tuesday, October 26, Job  19

  1. 13-19 – Job is in quite a state. Nothing in life hurts more than rejection by one’s family and friends. Job’s children are gone, and his wife, brothers, friends and servants find him repulsive.
  2. 23-27 – Here is a beautiful statement of the gospel in the Old Testament. Job believed in the resurrection to eternal life. Some today claim that the Old Testament believers didn’t know about it. This statement from Job shows otherwise. Jesus confirmed Job’s good news in John 3:16. Read also I Corinthians 15:17-22.


Wednesday, October 27, Job 20

  1. 29 – What is the fate of the wicked? Zophar gives us an untrue picture as far as this life is concerned (vv. 4-7). Some wicked enjoy a luxurious life, a life of safety and ease.  What they escape here, they won’t on their day of judgment.  Eternal death awaits them.  Zophar’s words, then, like those of his friends, brought Job no comfort because Job wasn’t in the assembly of the wicked which Zophar described.


Thursday, October 28, Job. 21

  1. 13 – While Job’s friends saw all the wicked as miserable and suffering in this life, Job pointed out to them that in this life the wicked can prosper and often do (Ps. 73:3)  As both evil and prosperity can be found in the life of the wicked and that of a Christian, everyone who suffers, then, cannot be judged as wicked.

For Christmas Eve, read for yourself or with your family Luke 1:26-38.


Friday, October 29, Job. 22

  1. 5-9 – Eliphaz and his friends are like a record that has a flaw and keeps repeating itself. Eliphaz looks at Job as an unkind, unrepentant sinner (v. 23). Are Eliphaz’ charges against Job in vv. 5-9 correct? Job himself answered that in chapter 29:11-17.

On Christmas Day, read for yourself or with your family Luke 2:1-20.


Saturday, October 30, Job 23-24

Chap 23:10 – Job correctly saw his cross as a testing.  Its results are as Job said, “We come forth as gold.”  When gold is taken out of the ground, mixed with other materials, these impurities are separated and the pure gold kept.  That’s what God does with us as He tests our faith.  He refines us.  He gets rid of the dross of sin in our lives and then strengthens our faith.


In Chapter 24, while God may not charge the evildoers in this life and punish them here (v. 12), they will get theirs on the day of their death (vv. 22-24 and Matt. 25:41). How are we Christians saved?  Read Eph. 2:4,5.