Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week Oct. 26 – Oct. 31, 2020

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, October 26, Numbers 14

Vv. 10, 22-23, 29-31 — Up until this point, God was very merciful to Israel.  Many times, they had tested the Lord’s patience.  Their rebellion against Moses was actually a rebellion against God.  God’s punishment, as hard as it may appear, was merciful.  It gave those who had rebelled the opportunity to repent and be saved.


Tuesday, October 27, Numbers 15

  1. 39 — God’s original intention was that the tassels on their garments remind them of God’s commands. The Pharisees later abused this when they enlarged their tassels. They wanted people to observe their piety (Matt. 23:5).  That’s because they put their trust not in Jesus, but in the Law for salvation.  For us, crosses, religious pictures and religious jewelry should be and remain no more than a reminder of what God does for us and has done for us in Jesus Christ, our Savior.


Wednesday, October 28, Numbers 16

Vv. 31-34 — While this devastating punishment came down upon Korah and his followers, it did not happen to his sons.  Korah’s sons lived because they remained faithful to the Lord.  (Num. 26:9-11) The Lord does not punish the innocent sons because of the guilt of their father. (Cf. Ez. 18:19, 20) The sons of Korah also later wrote a number of Psalms, beginning with Psalm 42.


Thursday, October 29, Numbers 17

  1. 8 — The rod that blossomed was kept on display (Heb. 9:3,4) as a sign that only Aaron and his descendants were tom be priests in Israel. It also reminded Israel of God’s punishment against those who tried to change that order. The Law, like the rod, reminds us of God’s threats and anger if we disobey.  Remaining faithful to Jesus, trusting in Him alone for eternal salvation, we are free from the Law’s worst threat, the curse of eternal damnation. who did know Him to rebel against Him.  The devil today still uses the rabble


Friday, October 30, Numbers 18

  1. 24 — The Levites were to receive a tithe or tenth from Israel’s material wealth. This was because they inherited no land in Israel. As God generously provided for the Priests and Levites who took care of Israel’s worship, so pastors and teachers today are to be provided for in that same way by the congregation.  Read I Tim. 5:17, 18 and Luke 10:7.


Saturday, October 31, Numbers 19

Vv. 17-20 — This very particular law of purification was to remind Israel that someday Christ would come and do what this law of purification couldn’t do perfectly.  That’s why it had to be done over and over again.  Christ Jesus’ one atonement for us on Calvary’s cross did what all the Ceremonial Laws couldn’t do.  He freed us from all sin and completely reconciled us to God so that through faith in Him we have eternal life. (II Cor. 5:19-21)