Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week November 22nd – November 27th

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, November 22, Psalms 18-19

Psalm 18:1,2 — The word “horn” symbolized strength.  Think of God’s almighty power expressed in v. 10.  David also testifies to that power in vv. 30 and 43-47.  Is the Lord our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer?  Verses 2 and 30 speak of our physical and spiritual deliverance.

Psalm 19:7— The Law here is a reference to all of God’s Word.  What makes us aware of our sin is the Law.  The Gospel, however, in the Word, and not the Law, revives the soul. “For the letter (Law) kills, but the Spirit (through the Gospel) gives life.” (II Cor. 3:6)  The Gospel gives us the strength to live as God wants and gives us eternal life.


Tuesday, November 23, Psalms 20-21

Psalm 20:5 — The banners may have been those used by David’s army as they went into battle.  Those banners would have given glory to God.  We hang banners up in church, a different one for each church season.  As they follow the church festivals, they speak of God’s glory and grace in bringing us our eternal salvation.

Psalm 21:1— The victory David is speaking of here is probably twofold.  David rejoiced in the victory God had brought him and would bring him.  It was victory not only over his earthly enemies, but above all, over his spiritual enemies.  Read about that in Isaiah chapter 53, especially in verses 1-6.


Wednesday, November 24, Psalm 22

This is a Messianic Psalm.  Jesus spoke v. 1 of Ps. 22.  Read it in Mark 15:34.  Much of what you read in Psalm 22 happened on Calvary’s cross some 1,000 years later.  In this Psalm, David vividly describes the horrendous suffering Jesus went through to free us from sin’s condemnation and to open to us again the



portals of heaven.  In vv. 12-13 and 16, bulls, lions and dogs are word pictures describing Jesus’ enemies.  Compare also verses 1 and 18 with Matt. 27:46 and Matt. 27:35.


Thursday, November 25, Psalm 23

  1. 1 – The Good Shepherd is Jesus. Read John 10:11, 14.
  2. 2 – The quiet waters are the Gospel and Sacraments which refresh and lift up our spirits write John 4:14. They help us walk through the valley of the shadow of death fearlessly. Read Romans 1:16.
  3. 4 – The shepherd’s rod was made from a young sapling and was a weapon that he used to kill animals that attacked his sheep. The staff was used to comfortingly lead and guide his sheep. They both represent the Gospel which frees us from sin, death and hell, brings us the comfort of forgiveness and the hope of heaven.  Read Eph. 2:4-10 and 6:10-17.


Friday, November 26, Psalm 24

  1. 7-10 – This again is another beautiful Messianic Psalm. It’s used usually during the Advent Season write “and on Palm Sunday in the church year. Look up Hymn 3.  That hymn is based on this Psalm.


Saturday, November 27, Psalm 25

  1. 1 -This beautiful, short prayer is the refrain for Psalm

25 in your hymnbook.

  1. 7 – Sins we were involved in when we were young can bother us as we grow older. These may be sins we committed or that others committed against us. How do we deal with that?  The answer is in v. 11.  The peace and comfort of complete forgiveness is clearly spelled out in Psalm 103:2, 3, 12.