Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week Nov. 16 – Nov. 21, 2020

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, November 16, Numbers 32

  1. 5 — The request was made because the pastureland east of the Jordan River was excellent. They were sincere in their desire to help the rest of the Israelites settle the land.

Vv. 6-13 — Moses was concerned that the tribes of Gad and Reuben would not help to conquer the rest of the land, leaving the work God had given all of His people to only some of them.  Think of the discouragement that would bring to the Israelites who would be left to conquer the land west of the Jordan River.  The burden of that work was to be carried by all.  The positive answers of Gad and Reuben are in vv. 25-27.

  1. 23 — Moses gave the serious reminder that “your sin will find you out.” We see that principle at work in our lives, too. We cannot escape or run away from sin.  It doesn’t escape God’s notice.  We need to confess it to God and in Christ find forgiveness.


Tuesday, November 17, Numbers 33

Vv. 1-48 — While it may seem a never-ending list of places Israel left in the wilderness–40 sites from Rameses to the plains of Moab–it was to remind Israel of God’s miraculous preservation of them as a nation for those 40 years they wandered in the desert.  In that time God fed them and clothed them and now was about to bring them into the Promised Land.  It reminds us much of our life.  No matter what its length may be, God preserves and protects us by His almighty hand, keeps us spiritually sound through the Gospel in Word and Sacrament until He takes us into the real Promised Land of heaven.


Wednesday, November 18, Numbers 34

  1. 17 — The Promised Land was an inheritance from God. That meant it was a gift God gave them. A far greater inheritance is heaven.  That also is a gracious gift of God.  Read Eph. 2:8, 9.


Thursday, November 19, Numbers 35:1-8

While the Levites received no large land areas in Israel, they were given towns to live in, 48 in all (35:7). Six of those towns also became cities of refuge.  They protected those who had taken someone’s life accidentally.  Our real refuge in life is not a city or government.  It’s rather the Lord.  In Him we are safe and secure from sin, death, the devil and hell.  Read also II Timothy 4:18; I Peter 1:3-5


Friday, November 20, Numbers 35:9-34

  1. 13-15 — In verse 14, God gave Israel directions where the six cities of refuge were to be located
  2. 30 — In order for the death penalty to be passed, there had to be more than one witness. The case against the person had to be ironclad. With the debate about capital punishment today, Christians realize that while God has given the government the right to take life (Rom. 13:4), He has not told us that we must use the death penalty.  As God directed Israel, those today accused of murder are given lengthy trials to convict or acquit.


Saturday, November 21, Numbers 36

Vv. 10-12 — Zelophehad’s daughters did as the Lord commanded.  That was a breath of fresh air for Moses where during his lifetime so many rebelled against the Lord.  This is what we need to do today, too.  God grant all the women of our congregation follow the example of these two daughters.  They did not do as liberal, worldly women do today, but as the Lord commanded them in His word.