Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week March 22 – March 27, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, March 22, I Samuel 19

  1. 4 — According to the 8th commandment, we are to speak well of our neighbor, and protect his reputation. Jonathan, David’s friend, is an excellent example for us to follow. He protected David, knowing, as a result, that David, and not he, would be the next king of Israel.  Cf. Prov. 31:8,9



Tuesday, March 23, I Samuel 20

Vv. 31, 32 — As sin took a deeper and deeper foothold in Saul’s life, he was blind to God’s purpose for Israel.  All he wanted was to satisfy his own selfish ends.  While Saul went astray, Jonathan didn’t.  The way he loved David and defended him is the same way we are to love each other (I Cor. 13:4-7). That unique kind of love has its roots in God’s grace.  God’s grace is His love toward us undeserving sinners.  It’s revealed to us in Jesus’ work of redemption on Calvary’s cross, and it opens up to us eternal life.



Wednesday, March 24, I Samuel 21

  1. 4 — The holy or consecrated bread, which was placed in the Holy Place in the temple and only was to be eaten by the priests (Lev. 24:5-9), was to remind the Jews that God was the provider of their daily bread. What petition in the Lord’s Prayer reminds us of that? Jesus used this example to prove to the Pharisees that the Mosaic Law was not to be used in a legalistic way (Cf. Matt. 12:1-8), and that the Law of Love supersedes the Law given through Moses. (Rom. 13:10)



Thursday, March 25, I Samuel 22

Vv. 18-19-– If David’s deception in chap. 21:2 was to protect Ahimelech, it backfired.  We are always to speak the truth and leave our destiny in God’s hands.  That Saul had sold his soul

to the devil can be seen in the remorseless, cold-blooded murders he was responsible for at Nob.  To keep ourselves peaceful, loving, kind and merciful Christians, we need God’s help and He gives us that in His Word.  The Psalmist wrote in Ps. 119:105, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  Read also Gal. 5:22, 23.



Friday, March 26, I Samuel 23

Vv. 27-28 — In the First Article of the Creed, we confess, “I believe that God defends me against all danger and guards and protects me from all evil.”  In David’s life we see an example of that where God personally intervened to save him from Saul.  God can do that for us in that same way, and He does!  (II Tim. 4:18) He also protects us by using His angels (Ps. 91:11).  Another source of His protection is our government (Rom. 13:2,4)



Saturday, March 27, I Samuel 24

Vv. 5-7— In chapter 24, we see David’s high respect for Saul as king, a position of authority that God had given him.  While Saul was his enemy and David could have killed him, he in no way rebelled against a government God ordained.  God expects us to act just as wisely as King David did (Cf. Rom. 13:1,2)

  1. 12 — David was not going to harm Saul. He would let God take care of vengeance. That can be a difficult lesson for us when we are angry at how others have hurt us.  Read the words of God recorded by Paul in Rom. 12:19-21 to reinforce this life-lesson for yourself.