Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week July 5 – July 10, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, July 5, I Chronicles 12

Vv. 38-40 — We find the Israelites rejoicing over the fact that David, a man who was faithful to the Lord, was to become their next king.  We have reason to rejoice when the Lord places faithful pastors, teachers, and leaders over us.  Remember to pray daily for them that they may remain faithful to the Lord and His will.


Tuesday, July 6, I Chronicles 13

  1. 6 — Why was David excited to have the ark of the covenant reside in the capital city of their nation? The answer is in v. 6.

Vv. 9-10 — Uzzah thought he was being helpful.  But what he did was in disobedience to the Lord’s command (Numbers 4:15).  Perhaps the people had also forgotten I Chronicles 15:13-15.  What was the importance of the Ark of God in Israel’s worship?  Once a year, blood was sprinkled on and in front of the atonement cover of the Ark, signifying that all of Israel’s sins were forgiven.  The whole ritual on the Day of Atonement pointed to Christ’s perfect atonement at Calvary. (Lev. 16; Heb. 9:11-15)

  1. 11 — David’s anger was not against God. He was angry with himself for not having followed God’s order. Read I Chron. 15:13.


Wednesday, July 7, I Chronicles 14

  1. 3 — God permitted but did not condone polygamy in the Old Testament. What forbids this for us as New Testament Christians is written in the following passages: Gen. 2:22-24; I Timothy 3:2, 12
  2. 15 — The sound of marching on the tops of balsam trees might indicate God used nature in some way to aid David in giving him victory over the Philistines.



  1. 17 — The fear of God instilled in heathen nations was that David was God’s representative. If they fooled with David, they realized that they would be dealing with God himself. Moses foretold in Ex. 15:14-16 the effect the power and glory of God would have on the world in these words: “Terror and dread will fall upon them by the power of Your arm.”


Thursday, July 8, I Chronicles 15

  1. 28 — As Israel’s worship was not to be a dead affair, neither is our worship. Read Col. 3:16.
  2. 29 — Michael’s problem here is more fully discussed in II Samuel 6. It was a serious one. Apparently what she really despised was David’s worshiping the Lord. Her cross to bring her to repentance is told in II Samuel 6:23.


Friday, July 9, I Chronicles 16

Vv. 15-17 — God’s covenant found its fulfillment in Jesus who restored peace between God and us and brought us everlasting life.

  1. 34 — In David’s prayer of thanksgiving, there were two things in which he recognized God’s unsurpassing goodness:

1) God is this world’s mighty Creator (v. 26).

2) God’s covenant with Israel was an everlasting one (v. 17).

  1. 36 — In our Hymnal, our word for “Praise the Lord” is “Alleluia.” It can be found on page 40 of “Christian Worship.”


Saturday, July 10, I Chronicles 17

Vv. 11-14 — The reason why God did not permit David to build the temple is brought out by David in chapter 22:7-10.  God proclaimed His peace to Israel through the daily sacrifices by the priests.  They were to remind Israel of Jesus’ sacrifice that would restore eternal peace between God and us.  Solomon, a peaceful man, and not David, a man of war, was to build the temple.