Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week July 13 – July 18, 2020

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, July 13, Genesis 31

  1. 12 — While most biologists reject the breeding technique Jacob used, we know it was the Lord who made it work. Jacob did give God the credit. (31:9, 42; 32:9, 10)
  2. 19 — Note Rachel’s spiritual weakness. Read Matthew 4:10.

Vv. 38-42 — The Lord definitely put Jacob in the house of correction.  This correction was evidence of the Lord’s love for Jacob (Hebrews 12:5,6).  The “deceiver” (the meaning of Jacob’s name) had been deceived and was taught to trust in the Lord.


Tuesday, July 14, Genesis 32

  1. 10 — What a beautiful and fitting confession!
  2. 11 — Through his 20 years with Laban, Jacob had learned to trust God. His prayer shows it.
  3. 28 — The change of name is significant from “deceiver” to “Israel,” which means “One who prevails with God.” When we appeal to God’s mercy in prayer, we, too, will prevail when our prayers are in accordance with His will and prayed in Jesus’ name. John 16:23-24)


Wednesday, July 15, Genesis 33

  1. 4 — All of Jacob’s fears about the meeting with his brother were unfounded; it was a wonderful reunion! How beautiful it is when brothers live in peace and unity (Psalm 133). The Lord provides the basis of that unity. (Eph. 4:32)


Thursday, July 16, Genesis 34

  1. 1 — Dinah was inviting trouble when she went to visit her unbelieving neighbors. What does God say about that? The answers are in II Timothy 2:22, and II Cor. 6:14.
  2. 15 — Simeon and Levi made a mockery of the covenant of circumcision God had established with His people. Sometimes God’s people do have trouble living in a way that is consistent with what God’s Word says. Repentance is the answer.

Vv. 25-29 — Notice in this chapter how sin compounds sin.  We need to keep in mind God’s Word in Romans 12:19. Simeon and Levi’s earthly punishment is foretold by Jacob in Genesis 49:5-7.


Friday, July 17, Genesis 35

  1. 10 — Jacob’s name would now officially be “Israel.” That same name would identify God’s people in the Old Testament as well.

Vv. 19, 28, 29 — This chapter is marked by death.  Jacob had to face two heartaches, Rachel’s death and that of Isaac.  Our rich comfort is in these words of Jesus, “Because I live, you also will live.”  (John 14:19 and John 11:25, 26)


Saturday, July 18, Genesis 36

  1. 1 — This is the genealogy of Esau. His descendants would later be known as “Edomites.” Their territory was on the southeast side of the Dead Sea.  Later in history, Herod the Great was an “Idumean,” another name for an “Edomite.”  Read Genesis 27:38-40 and Matthew 2:13-18.  Throughout its history, the nation of Edom remained hostile to God’s covenant people.