Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week July 12 – July 17, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, July 12, I Chronicles 18

  1. 4 To hamstring a horse apparently did not kill the horse, but put it out of commission for battle. The process was to cut the tendon in the rear part of the leg leaving the horse crippled, no longer useful in war.
  2. 13 May these words be also said of us, “The Lord preserved David wherever he went.” (NKJV) These words will come true in your life when you meaningfully pray this prayer every day. “I am trusting You, Lord Jesus, trusting only You; Trusting you for full salvation, free and true.” (Hymn 446, v. 1)


Tuesday, July 13, I Chronicles 19

Vv. 3 4 These verses give you an example of how difficult it is for one country to live at peace with another. What alone builds trust is the Gospel.  It not only creates trust, but, above all, it’s the assurance from God of eternal salvation. How we need to preach it to the world!

  1. 13 When you read in later chapters of II Chronicles how defeat marked Judah’s kings, in contrast, David went from victory to victory. What was the reason for their downfall and David’s continued success? The answer is in David’s faithfulness to the Lord. It’s also reflected in Joab’s answer to the armies of Israel. Read Psalm 18, written by David.


Wednesday, July 14, I Chronicles 20

  1. 1 We all need to be busy. It’s when we are not and have too much time on our hands that the devil attacks us relentlessly. David’s staying at home and letting someone else do the leading in battle may have been the reason for his sin of adultery and murder (II Sam. 11) and the incident in chapter 21.
  2. 2 In v. 1 it says that David remained in Jerusalem. How can he then show up in Rabbah? Read II Sam. 12:26 29.


Thursday, July 15, I Chronicles 21

  1. 1 We are told that this census was motivated by Satan. David probably rationalized the pride filled idea by saying it was important information to know. That’s one of the difficulties in dealing with Satan’s temptations. He will try to convince David that this particular sin makes sense. It called for trust in Israel’s strength and not trust in God. Remember, as children of God, we walk by faith not by sight. David’s sin in taking a census of Israel was sinful pride. His strength, as is ours, is to be in the Lord, and not in ourselves or in physical numbers.
  2. 24 Excellent Christian stewardship never relies on somebody else doing the Lord’s work for us. We should insist on doing our share out of love and gratitude for what God has done for us.


Friday, July 16, I Chronicles 22

  1. 8 While David was not permitted to build the temple, he la id much of the groundwork and preparation for its building. In verse 14, you should get some idea of what an impressive and beautiful building the temple became. In the NIV footnote, we read that about 3,750 tons of gold and about 37,000 tons of silver went into its construction.

Vv. 11 13 It was a massive building project. David knew it would be successful if Solomon followed the Lord’s will. David, therefore, encouraged him to be strong and courageous.

  1. 14 Was this wasteful extravagance? Not if it was devoted to the Lord! Would we do the same today? Probably not. We’d use most of that silver and gold to send missionaries into our country and into the world to preach the Gospel.


Saturday, July 17, I Chronicles 23-24

Chap. 23:13, 28, 32 The Levites were the only tribe not to receive a territory in Israel. They were given 48 cities in which to live. Their duties were special and alone concerned the spiritual side of Israel’s life. The tribe of Levi, therefore, was in charge of the work of the temple. Much of the daily work is explained in chap. 23. Only Aaron’s descendants were to be priests (chap. 24). The whole system was to point to Christ who would become our great high priest. (Heb. 7:23 28). In the New Testament Christian Church, who are called priests? Read I Peter 2:9.