Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week Feb 15 – Feb. 20, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, February 15, Judges 19, vv. 1-20

Vv. 1-2 — When God instituted marriage, He intended it as a partnership between 2 people, not 3.  What this Levite did, shows how low the morality in Israel had become.  With that kind of weak moral foundation, no wonder the nation was experiencing chaos.


Tuesday, February 16, Judges 19, vv. 21-29

Vv. 22-23 — Evidently God’s people had forgotten, or chose to ignore, God’s verdict in Scriptures about homosexuality (Gen. 19, Lev. 20:13).  The New Testament records the same principle, as it calls homosexuality sin (Rom. 1:26-27, 32; I Cor. 6:9-10). Some people excuse it as something that is accepted in this world.  That doesn’t change God’s condemnation of it in His Word.  It just shows how corrupted our nature is and how impacted even our bodies are by the fall into sin.


Wednesday, February 17, Judges 20:1-25

Vv. 13-14 — The tribe of Benjamin defended the abusive homosexuality of the men of Gibeah.  Now God tells the rest of Israel to go up and defeat them.  The fact that Israel lost so many soldiers may simply reflect the fact that the Lord wanted to drive from their hearts self-righteous thoughts of moral superiority.


Thursday, February 18, Judges 20:26-48

  1. 46 — The punishment of the tribe of Benjamin was enormous. It revealed God’s bitter anger against the rank, immoral, idolatrous life of Benjamin. Today our nation is plunging into this same sin that plagued Benjamin.  How we Christians need to pray for our country that it would turn from its gross immoral and idolatrous ways!   We also need to plead to God to spare our country so that we as a church body can continue to herald to the world God’s marvelous peace, forgiveness and eternal life found only in Jesus Christ, our Savior.


Friday, February 19, Judges 21

  1. 6-14, 20-21 — The method of “wife-hunting” Israel used was certainly not God’s plan. Yet it did provide a blessing for the 600 men of Benjamin.  As we finish the book of Judges, isn’t it amazing how far Israel had fallen simply because they didn’t take seriously God’s command to wipe out the inhabitants of Canaan?  Certainly that came back to haunt them.  “In those days, Israel had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” (v. 25)  The author of Judges seems to think a strong central government would have helped.  When we read Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, we’ll see that wasn’t the answer.  The answer to a changed, healthy spiritual life is living in daily repentance and growing up in God’s Word.  Read Ps. 119:105 and Col. 3:16.  As that was missing in Israel’s life, God grant it isn’t in our lives!


Saturday, February 20, Psalm 27, Psalm of the Day

Psalm 27 is the Psalm for the service today.  The refrain is verse one of Psalm 27.  These are important words to memorize and build our spiritual lives on for a happy, successful, and spiritual life that ends in heaven.