Bible Reading & Commentary for the Week April 19 – April 24, 2021

LynnBible Reading Guide

Monday, April 19, II Samuel 13

  1. 1 — Uncontrolled lust led Amnon to rape his half-sister, Tamar (v. 14). Lust is breaking the 6th commandment. Read Matt. 5:27, 28.
  2. 21 — While David was furious over what Amnon had done, he did nothing. Perhaps his adulterous act with Bathsheba caused him to hesitate. However, by not carrying out his parental responsibility, this led to more and deeper problems.  Parents do their children no favor by not disciplining them.

Vv. 22-29 — Absalom allowed his hatred to grow to the point where he had Amnon killed.  What does the Bible say about hatred?  (I John 3:15)


Tuesday, April 20, II Samuel 14

Vv. 28-30 — Note Absalom’s temper.  Read Proverbs 14:29.

  1. 33 — In this reconciliation, we hear no words of repentance on Absalom’s part. That David accepted him on this basis led to more trouble and further fulfillment of Nathan’s prophecy in II Sam. 12:10-12.


Wednesday, April 21, II Samuel 15

  1. 2 — The city gate is where “court” was held and business conducted.
  2. 6 — Not only was Absalom in what he was doing rebelling against his father (4th commandment), he was also rebelling against the government. (Rom. 13:1,2)
  3. 12 — The betrayal by his friend Ahithophel may have prompted David to write the words of Psalm 41:9. Jesus used those words as a prophecy about the fact that Judas Iscariot betrayed him. (John 13:18)
  4. 30 — David’s sorrowful actions remind us of David’s great descendant, Jesus, as He went up to the Mt. of Olives on that


first Maundy Thursday evening.  Jesus also suffered great humiliation.  However, His grief was far greater than David’s as He was about to free David, us, and all mankind from sin’s condemnation.  Cf. Luke 22:39-46.


Thursday, April 22, II Samuel 16

 Vv. 11-12 — In David’s action toward Shimei, notice how similar David is to Jesus.  (Read I Peter 2:23, 24)

  1. 22 — Absalom’s action here was public proclamation that he was now in power. This was also a fulfillment of the Prophet Nathan’s words in chapter 12:11.


Friday, April 23, II Samuel 17

  1. 14 — The ancient heathen had a saying, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.” While false gods can’t do that, God does. God takes vain men like Absalom and causes them to follow foolish, stupid advice which leads to their ruin and destruction.


Saturday, April 24, II Samuel 18

Vv. 9, 14-15, 17 — Absalom’s horrible death and humiliating burial is a grim example to us of what happens to those who rebel against God.  However, what awaits them in hell is far worse!  Daily we need to pray, “Let us ever walk with Jesus, follow His example pure,” and “Lead us not into temptation.”

v, 33 — David’s words remind us that what we pathetically and sadly can’t do, Jesus did.  Not only did He die for us, but in the process, won for us the forgiveness of all of our sins and opened heaven to us.