Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week March 28th — April 2nd

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Monday, March 28, Proverbs 7

18-27 – Solomon has discussed adultery in the previous chapter. He now expands on it and gives an example of how adultery is so easy to fall into, especially for young people. (v. 7) The encounter begins with a wife who spends much time, as we would say “walking the streets.” She offers the young man a night of drinking and dining.  She has just made a fellowship offering.  When one makes a fellowship offering, one returns with part of the sacrifice as food to be shared with the family.  Here she plans to share it with her new lover.  Solomon describes the young man as an ox led to the slaughter.  He follows not knowing that he is heading to the slaughter.  In many ways the adulteress leads the young man to the grave.  If the young man is caught, he might be put to death (Deut. 22:22).  Ultimately, the sin could have implications on the man’s faith and he may die eternally.

27 – Sexual permissiveness is a problem that persists in our society today. Affairs seem to abound and society looks on them as things that just happen. Young people are especially susceptible to sexual sins and are told that it is o.k., just protect yourself!  They should really be told that these sins are a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of eternal death.


Tuesday, March 29, Proverbs 8

11 – In this chapter, we continue the discussion of wisdom. This chapter shows us the benefits of wisdom, not the world’s wisdom, but God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom gives the foolish understanding.  Weren’t we all foolish at one time?  By nature we are sinners, and trusting in our own wisdom, which was really foolishness.  But God’s wisdom shown us in His Son gives us true wisdom.  That wisdom comes with great rewards.  Not only is it worth more than any of the precious metals or gems, but it bestows the wealth of God on us, which is eternal life through Jesus Christ.  This wisdom of God, His plan of salvation for all mankind through Jesus, was something that was planned from eternity, before the creation of the world (v. 23; Eph. 1:4,5).


Wednesday, March 30, Proverbs 9

13-18 – “The woman, Folly,” probably represents carnal pleasure. Do we want to follow her wisdom or the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom (v. 10)? Her wisdom leads to death (v. 18).  The wisdom of God unto salvation leads to life eternal. (Cf. chap. 8:35 and Rom. 1:16)


Thursday, March 31, Proverbs 10

9 – Society teaches us to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Certainly that means taking many crooked or dishonest paths to success. Solomon shows us that integrity really helps us to walk securely in our life as a Christian.

16, 30 – The righteous will not be uprooted from their eternal inheritance. That is because their life was centered in Christ. He caused their life to produce good works, wages pleasing to God.

26 – A sluggard is a lazy servant or worker. As vinegar and smoke are irritants, so a lazy person is an irritant to his employer.


Friday, April1, Proverbs 11

4 – Here Solomon again disagrees with society. Society tells us to store up as much wealth as possible because that will make us happy. In the end, though, it helps us none.  Instead, we need to spend our lives with God, living lives that reflect His love for us.  What is the result?   Read Ps. 144:15 and II Cor. 5:21.

19-20 – A Christian is to strive to live a righteous and blameless life. That life, however, does not gain for us eternal life. Only through faith in Jesus who lived a perfectly blameless life and paid for all of our sins, will we receive eternal life.  Read Eph. 2:8.9.

21 – The righteous are free of eternal punishment only because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Acts 16:30-31.

22 – Here is an interesting proverb. A gold ring in the nose indicates integrity and beauty, but only in appearance, because behind the ring we find an animal that symbolizes uncleanness and rudeness. So it is with a woman who shows no discretion in dress and actions. The most valuable beauty is not outward, but inward.  I Peter 3:3-5.


Saturday, April 2, Proverbs 12

4 – Excellent premarital counseling by Solomon! Do as Jesus did. I Peter 2:23

16 – This is a proverb which applies especially well today. How often don’t we immediately take offense if someone insults us! Instead, we should pay attention to the eighth commandment and its meaning and take our neighbor’s actions in the kindest possible way.  What good does it do to retaliate other than to insure an enemy?

22 – Underline

27 – The lazy man never kills an animal so he can roast it. The meaning here is that he accomplishes little because he is lazy.