Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week April 11 – April 16, 2022

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Monday, April 11, Proverbs 25

21-22 – This proverb is in keeping with the Mosaic Law (Ex. 23:4,5). The Apostle Paul also quotes this passage in Rom. 12:20. While the world seeks revenge against an enemy, the Christian is to respond with love.  The reaction of that is like heaping burning coals on our enemies’ heads.  In other words, our kindnesses make him blush with shame.  Such actions certainly can’t make our enemies angrier!  It may even lead them to want what we have!  That’s why Jesus says, “Love your enemies; pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.”  (Matt. 5:44)


Tuesday, April 12, Proverbs 26

20, 22, 28 – In this chapter, God speaks out against the sluggard (the lazy person in vv. 14-16) and the liar. Both types of people displease God. The gossip is involved in lying.  The lies he repeats can ruin someone’s reputation and hurt them deeply. (v. 22)   Those sins and all other sins begin in the heart (Matt. 15:19).  Like a coating of glaze covers an ugly piece of clay, some people try to cover their ugly, lying tongue by outward acts of good. (v. 23)    Let’s not forget God’s Word to Samuel, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (I Sam. 16:7)


Wednesday, April 13, Proverbs 27

21 – Silver and gold, years ago, were put to a test. They were refined to remove their impurities. Into our lives also tests come.  God tests us through trials in order to purify our faith.  Human tests, not God’s tests, come through praise and flattery.  Listening to that too long can lead to becoming engulfed in sinful pride.  In our lives as Christians, we’ll want to avoid man’s tests and welcome God’s tests.  We can see the joyous outcome of God’s test in Rom. 5:3-5.


Thursday, April 14, Proverbs 28

13, 19, 27 – Solomon points out to us some things that will bring us prosperity from God. They are 1) Living repentant lives (v. 13). 2) Working hard for a living (v. 19), and 3) Giving to the poor (v. 27). The generous person, not the stingy one, finds true riches in friendship and love. (v. 22).


Friday, April 15, Proverbs 29

15, 17 – Children need discipline. That discipline must be consistent. At times corporal punishment may be necessary.  Children disciplined that way in love will be a delight to their parents.  Undisciplined children will bring shame and unhappiness to their parents.  With discipline it’s also important we show them they have sinned against God and then remind them of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, their Savior.


Saturday, April16, Proverbs 30-31

Chap. 30:5 – Underline.

Chap. 30:8-9 – Our daily prayer should be, “Strengthen my faith with your precious life-giving food, the Gospel in Word and Sacrament.”  When that happens I won’t deny the Lord and I’ll be able to deal with poverty or riches so neither destroys me spiritually.

17 – This is not the actual, but a type of punishment God will bring down upon rebellious children.

Chap. 31:10-30 – What is a virtuous wife, a wife of noble character?  She’s described as one who is hard-working (v. 15).  She’s generous (v. 20).  She gives excellent advice (v. 26).    She’s respected by her family (v. 28).  She fears the Lord (v. 30).  If she falls short, through prayer and God’s Word she’ll measure up!