September 21, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Trinity Families,

Here is your WELS Devotion


I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel.
Ezekiel 33:7


In 2019, Israeli soldiers made a discovery. On a remote part of their army base, the soldiers uncovered what turned out to be an ancient Israelite watchtower. The watchtower is massive, its boulders weighing up to eight tons. It is twelve feet wide and rises to seventeen feet. It stands on a hill. Even today, you can see why the watchtower is there. From that hill, you have a commanding view of the ancient city of Ashkelon. In the days of the Israelites, Ashkelon was a hostile city, an enemy of God’s people.

Go back three thousand years. You’re in Israelite soldier. It’s nighttime. It’s your turn to stand watch in the tower. You climb to the top, relieve the watchman on duty, and begin. The length of your watch will be four hours. During that time, you will exert all the powers of your perception—your sight, your hearing, your sense of smell, your trained instinct—to protect your loved ones from forces that wish them harm. As the watchman, you do not sleep, you do not daydream, you allow no distractions. You are the watchman, and you are on the front lines. You are the watchman. People’s lives are depending upon you.

In the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, the Lord told Ezekiel, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel. He was a watchman, however, not in the sense that he stood in a physical watchtower to keep an eye out for physical threats. Rather, Ezekiel was a spiritual watchman. His role was to keep an eye out for spiritual threats—anything that could invade or displace his people’s relationship with their Savior-God.

Which brings us to one of the great blessings of belonging to a Christian congregational family. The Lord, through congregations, calls leaders to help serve as a spiritual watchman. It’s a vital way by which the Lord keeps distractions to my faith at bay. It’s a vital way by which the Lord keeps my focus on Jesus, the One who lived a perfect life in my place, suffered and died for my every sin, and who now lives for me.

If you are a member of a Christian congregation, thank the Lord for your pastor who keeps watch over you. If you do not have a church home, find one that faithfully teaches the Bible so that you, too, can be blessed by the gift of having a spiritual watchman.

Lord, bless those who serve as a spiritual watchman. Keep them faithful to your Word so that your people are protected from the lies that might harm them. Amen.


God bless you,



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Here is this week’s bulletin: 2020-09-20 The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Announcements:2020-09-20 Announcements The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Attention Parents! In light of current challenges related to classroom gathering, our church is introducing a new approach to Sunday school. Beginning Sunday, September 27, lessons taught by experienced WELS teachers will be available free via YouTube. The engaging and age appropriate Lesson Videos will tie to printed Student Lessons that our church will provide to you at no cost. This new approach presents an easy yet meaningful way for you to encourage your child’s faith in Christ. To see a preview of this Sunday, September 20 Lesson Video and Student Lesson, visit                                Printed Student Lessons for your child will be available for pick-up at church starting September 20, OR Printed Student Lessons for your child will be mailed directly to your home. If you would like them mailed directly to your home, please contact the church office. May God bless your child as we together continue to share His love.

We’re Starting Bible Classes! The first Sunday in October (the 4th), we will hold a half hour Bible class downstairs in church after each of our services. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will observe whatever the current mandates are and we are going to ask you to clean surfaces at the end of class.

Politics is driving me crazy! This election season is as chaotic as any that we can remember. Talk and drama about the upcoming presidential election are hot. Social media tensions are rising, loved ones are dividing along party lines, and candidates are slinging mud at their opponents. In response, frustrated Christians often wonder what’s happening to America and where God is in the confusion. We’re going to find a calm, biblical approach to politics. Starting Sunday, October 4, we’ll look at how God has set up the government as his instrument of order and how we’re supposed to relate to it. We’ll look at the two kingdoms, the separation between church and state, and our messy political world. It’s going to be great! We’ll meet in the church basement after both Sunday morning services.

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