School Supplies


School Supplies 2017-2018

 Trinity Ev. Lutheran School,

1216  Colfax, Marinette WI 54143





□Large Classic Color Markers

(8 or 10)

□Large Classic Color Crayons

(8 or 10)

□ 1 one inch 3- ring binder

□Glue bottle

□4 glue sticks

□Child’s scissors

□Paint smock (old shirt)

□A spare set of clothes

□ 1pkg plastic sleeves for binder


□ 1 pkg flexible drinking straws

□ 1 box tissues

□ 1 pkg  napkins



□24 crayons


□10 glue sticks

□ 1 bottle Elmer’s school glue


□1 sturdy 3 prong folder

□paint shirt (old shirt)

□ 1 box sandwich size ziplock bags

□1 roll of paper towels

□1 ream of white copy paper

□nap mat

□1” 3ring binder

□classic color makers

□pencil box

□1 package bendable drinking straws


1st – 2nd Grade

□24 ct. crayons
□3 glue sticks
□1 sturdy folder
□ruler with centimeter & inches
□2 notebooks
□pencil pouch
□1 roll of paper towel
□1 box of tissue
□paint shirt (old shirt)
□1 ream of white


3rd – 5th Grade

□5 spiral bound note books

□2 pockets folders

□#2pencils (No mechanical)

□red pens

□blue or black pens (prefer erasable) (No multiple color pens)

□erasers (No White Out)

□Elmer’s school glue

□scissors, tape

□12inch/centimeter ruler

□colors (crayons 48maximum or colored pencils or markers)

□8 color box of watercolors (Prang or Crayola)

□200 3″x5″ index cards lined on one side



□painting smock (old shirt)

□1 ream of white copy paper

□2 boxes of Scotties or Kleenex for room

□1 roll of paper toweling

□1pkg of plastic spoons

□ lined loose leaf paper

□ paperback dictionary

□assignment notebook

Optional items :□stapler□ calculator □paper clips


 6th & 7th & 8th Grade

□5 spiral bound notebooks (wide Lined)

□pens (blue, red & Black: no multiple color pens)

□set of watercolors

(Prang, Crayola)




□#2 pencils

□2 yellow over liner

□1 box of crayons (48 maximum amount)

□colored pencils

□12 inch/cm ruler


□4 Elmer’s school glue sticks

□#2 note cards (lined on one side pkg of 200)


□five pocket folders

□1 ream of white copy paper

□2 roll of paper toweling

□1 box of plastic spoons

□3 black sharpie