October 23, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Do the churches look emptier to you? Where did all the Christians go? Some of the emptiness is due to the restrictions and the concerns about COVID-19, but not all of it. Sometimes it seems that Christians are becoming rarer and harder to find. Elijah knew how that felt. He thought he was the only one left. The Christian congregation in Rome seemed to be worried about that, too. They were was concerned that God had rejected the Jewish people.

God assured them through the apostle Paul that he did not reject his people. He preserved a “remnant chosen by grace.”

Think about how God phrased that. First, there is a remnant. That means that Christians will always be a small part of the population, saved like Noah from an unbelieving and corrupt world. Second, we are chosen. Before the creation of the universe, God chose us to be his own. That is one of the greatest mysteries ever. Why would God choose people like us? We have nothing to offer. We’re weak and inconsistent. We’re sinful and selfish. And think of how much it cost Jesus to forgive us. God knew all that and he chose us anyway! Why? The answer is at the end of the phrase: “by grace.” God loves people who don’t deserve his love. It’s his immeasurable love that chose us, called us, and preserves us in faith.

Christians are where we have always been: in God’s heart, in God’s care, and in God’s grace.


God bless,

Pastor Tech


Here is the link for online worship for October 18: https://youtu.be/NCFP8RmigB0

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Here is this week’s bulletin: 2020-10-18-Announcements-The-Twentieth-Sunday-after-Pentecost.pdf. Check it out.


Online Survey: We have decided to not have Trunk or Treat this year. With the growing concerns from members of the congregation and short amount of planning time, it is not feasible. We still would like you impute on Christmas for kids. Please give your opinion with our online survey. The link will be at the end of your daily devotions, our on-line announcement bulletin or by going to https://forms.gle/dsn6mojk9GmZQ2cZ6

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TLS is having an ONLINE BOOK FAIR!
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Our online book fair runs from today through November 1st.

Through a generous donor and the PTO, we will be providing a FREE t-shirt to all TLS students this year. These shirts are great to wear out in the public to make others aware of our school and to wear on field trips!

If you would like to donate funds to support the PTO costs, please send that donation to the office as well. Any donations will go toward extra shirts for new incoming students that would arrive at a later date. Checks should be made out to Trinity PTO.

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