November 6, 2020

LynnDaily Devotion

Dear Trinity Families,

     Here is your Daily Devotion

Got Any Plans for Judgment Day?

You have an appointment with Jesus. Are you ready? Most people aren’t. Far too many people are unconcerned about an appointment with Jesus. Most don’t realize its significance.

Jesus is constantly underestimated. People tend to see him as a good man, a kind and gentle soul, and a fine example. And he is all that, but he is so much more.

When he comes again, he will come with all his power, all his glory, all his angels, and he will sit on his glorious throne. He will summon everyone. And they will come—whether they want to or not—whether they believe or they don’t—they will stand before his throne to be judged.

In this judgment, there will be no shades of gray: you are either a sheep and brought to heaven; or a goat and condemned to eternal fire—there is no third option. Jesus’ judgment on unbelievers will be just, yet one he never wanted. He sacrificed his life to save them. He has called out through the Gospel in every generation. But people chose sin instead. So, his judgment will be just.

That doesn’t mean that it will be understood. Both sheep and goats fail to see how they could possibly merit their eternal fate. In fact, they speak the same words. The contrast, however, is absolute: the sheep had faith in Christ that gave evidence of itself in the world; the goats had neither faith nor true fruits. Both receive an eternal judgment—life for the sheep and punishment for the goats.

Lord, keep us in faith all the way to the gates of heaven!


God bless,

Pastor Tesch

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