What’s Your Story?

Glad you asked! Our story is a long one, filled with challenges and with the power of God. It started in Marinette in 1882.

  1. Our Congregation’s Story
  2. Our Synod
  3. Our Beliefs
  4. Our Mission

Our Congregation’s Story

Pastor H. Hillemann 1882-1898

1882    Pastor Henry Hillemann begins services every other Sunday using the Norwegian Lutheran Church on the southeast corner of Thomas and Colfax streets.

1883    Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church organized on January 2nd.

It was decided to pay the pastor $198 per year, but only $125 until enough money was collected.

Purchased a church building from the English Methodist Congregation for $1,000. It was moved from Stephenson St. & Ella Ct. to Thomas and Colfax, where our church now stands. Building was raised up on blocks and another story was built

Laying the church cornerstone

Two adjacent lots on the southwest corner of Thomas and Colfax Streets purchased for $250 as sight for church and parsonage. One lot given to the congregation by the U.S. Senator, Isaac Stephenson.

Altar and pulpit purchased and delivered to church for $64.00.

1884    Church building dedicated to the glory of God. Pastor Grabner of Milwaukee was guest speaker for morning German service and afternoon English service.

Each member asked to pay $1.00 towards an organ for the church.

1887    Plans were made to build a barn for the pastor’s horse.

1892    Trinity joins the Wisconsin Synod.

Pastor Martin Busack 1898-1900

1893    Ladies’ Aid organized with 21 members.

1898    Parsonage built.

Pastor Martin Busack installed.

Pastor Stromer 1900-1915

1900    Pastor Ferdinand Stromer installed.

1901    Church building sold for $100 to make way for a new church.

1902    Our Savior’s Norwegian Lutheran church across the street (where our playground/parking lot now stands) is bought and used for services until the new church was ready.

Trinity Lutheran School opened in the remodeled Norwegian Lutheran church building; this building used for our school for 54 years.

Cornerstone for the new church laid on May 11th.

New, two-manual pipe organ purchased for $1,100; two new bells hung in the belfry, one weighing 20,000 lbs, the other 10,000 lbs.

Current church building finished and dedicated.


Pastor H. Westphal 1915-1928

Interior of the church circa 1940

1915    Pastor Westphal installed as pastor.

1917    America enters World War I.

1924    Last class confirmed in German.

1927    Trinity Lutheran School closes until 1935.

1928    Pastor Adolph Dasler serves as vacancy Pastor until 1930.

1929    Stock market crash and beginning of the Great Depression.

1930    Pastor Arthur A. Gentz installed at Trinity.

Pastor Arthur A. Gentz 1930-1974

1933    Trinity celebrates 50th Anniversary; communicant membership numbers 462. Men’s Club organized.

1935    Trinity Lutheran School reopens; enrollment: 17.

1941    America enters World War II; introduction of The Lutheran Hymnal.

1943    Ladies’ Aid celebrates 50th Anniversary.

1948    65th Anniversary celebrated; congregation numbers 600 communicants. Trinity Lutheran School numbers 72 pupils; new school building fund established.

1951    Church basement reinforced.

Laying the school cornerstone

1955    Cornerstone for new school building laid, October 9th; school numbers 109 pupils.

1956    New school building dedicated.

1958    75th Anniversary celebrated.

1960    Hattie Bormann Scholarship Fund inaugurated to help students studying at our synodical schools.

Pastor Frederick Mueller 1974-2016

1964    Church remodeled with pink walls, wood panels and a new front entrance.

1966    New garage and breeze way added to parsonage.

1970    Mr. John Tjernagel joins faculty of Trinity Lutheran School.

1972    New addition to school dedicated; enrollment of 130 pupils.

1974    Pastor J.E. Lindquist serves as vacancy pastor for one year.

1975    Pastor Frederick Mueller installed.

1983    Trinity celebrates 100th Anniversary; communicant membership numbers 680. Margaret Heller celebrates 50 years as Sunday School teacher.

Pastor Richard Pamperin 1990-1995

1987    Judy Tjernagel installed as teacher; church trim (including steeple) painted by steeplejacks.

1988    Fire in Church building; services held in First Trinity’s parish hall until spring of 1989.

1989    New church organ installed on April 23rd; elevator installed.

1990    Pastor Richard Pamperin installed as associate pastor.

1991    Preschool started in basement of church.

1993    Lois Haemker begins teaching part-time.; new hymnals used for the first time on October 24th; Ladies’ Aid celebrates 100th anniversary.

1994    New gymnasium, new school kitchen and extra classrooms dedicated.

Pastor Tim Zarling 1995-2000

1995    Pastor & Mrs. Mueller move out of parsonage; Pastor Timothy Zarling installed.

1997    OWLS first organized at Trinity.

1998    Ken Kasten installed as principal; Joanne Kasten installed as Kindergarten teacher.

2000    Pastor James Wuebben installed as Evangelism Pastor.

2001    Pastor Jon Tesch installed July 8th; first contemporary service held on November 3rd.

2002    Jessie Kempky installed; church trim (including steeple) redone; new school sign installed.

2004    Barb Tesch installed as Preschool Teacher.


Our Synod

We’re a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, headquartered in Waukesha, WI.

What’s in a name?

The word Lutheran in our synod’s name, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, is not merely a word. We call ourselves Lutheran because it clearly identifies what we believe and describes how we carry out the work that God has entrusted to his church on earth.

The Wisconsin Synod is the third largest of the Lutheran synods in America. We are also the most conservative.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, absolutely true and the only source of divine revelation. We unabashedly believe in the 7 day creation, the world-wide flood in the days of Noah, the prophecies, the miracles, the virgin birth, the death and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s son and our Savior. We believe that Jesus is the only Savior and that everyone who believes in him as Savior will be saved and taken to a real heaven for eternity.

We believe that sin is sin. We believe that God defines what is and is not sin; society does not. We believe that God sent his only son, Jesus, to rescue us from sin, from death, and from eternal damnation in hell.

We believe in the power of the God-given sacraments. We believe that God works a miracle in baptism and that he grants faith. We believe that we receive Jesus true body and blood in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

We do not apologize for what we believe. We believe what God says; he is always right. We question the opinions of human beings; they are routinely wrong.

Our Mission

Our mission was given to us in Matthew 28:19-20. We are to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. We are to teach everything he has commanded us. We are to go into all the world to save souls. We are to encourage each other and hold each other up as we travel through this vale of tears to our eternal home in heaven.

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