What are your services like?

Sunday/Monday Worship

Every Sunday morning and Monday evening we meet together to praise our God, to grow in our faith, to learn God’s Word and to encourage each other. Join us this week as we pray, sing praises and hear the timeless truths in God’s eternal Word, the Bible.

Worship Service Times:

  • Sunday – 9:00am
    • Our Traditional worship service. The order of worship includes the responses and element that the Christian church has used for over 1,000 years. Our common service has remained consistent in our congregation for our entire 125 year history. This our most formal service, but you are welcome to come just as you are!
  • Monday – 6:00pm
    • Our Monday service is less formal, but just as worshipful. We use the same timeless liturgies as our Sunday service, but we blend in some contemporary worship music on the first and second Mondays of the month. We have people coming to worship right from work, sports practices and from wherever they have been. If Sunday doesn’t work for you or if you simply prefer an evening worship, join us in worship on Mondays.

Join Us to Worship God!


  • Do you have any midweek women’s groups and/or do you have general Sunday school classes on Sunday? Particularly for children?

    • We hold a monthly women’s group on Saturday nights. The next one is this Saturday at 6:00pm at the church. You are welcome to come!
      We have weekly Sunday School classes for both adults and children. Our Children’s program, Footsteps, starts right after the children’s sermon in the Sunday service and continues to the end of Bible Class.
      Our Sunday service starts at 9:00am. The Bible class starts right after the service (about 10:30am) and ends at 11:15am.
      We would love to worship with you this Sunday!

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