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We’re glad you stopped by! Trinity has been part of the Marinette community for over 100 years now. We’ve been around long enough to understand our community. We’ve had time to grow a big heart for people and for our Lord.

We are a Bible believing, Bible teaching church. One thing that you will notice is that everything we do is built around the Word of God. Our worship services feature, highlight, and are built around God’s eternal Word. We read the Word, preach the Word, sing the Word, and study the Word. Our school teaches the Word. Our groups encourage each other in the Word. We believe that God’s Word is life and we’re thrilled to share it!

Let us tell you a little about what to expect when you come to visit, what our services are like, and where we come from. You can click on the links or check it out in the menus. Or, you can come and meet us in person!

You’ll be welcome, but not singled out. You’ll be blessed with the Word. You’ll meet people who love the Lord and who love our community. Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see more of you.

One comment

  • Pastor Teach, I was your Grandmother’s neighbor many years ago. You might remember Sarah and Andrea. They went to Gloria Die and then to WISCO. Andrea graduated in 1993. Sarah in 1991. A lot has happened since then.

    I moved back to Menominee a few months ago and would like to attend church at your church because we have a lot in common.

    I would like to come at the 6:00pm service on Monday. I have a problem. The taxi service is very bad. If I could get a ride from Inter Faith Manor to and from church I could pay $2.00 both ways if someone would be willing to do that. I know that there is a church not far from here with Pastor Cole as the leader. I would rather attend your church simply because we’ve got so much in common. I worked with your aunt at JCP in Brook field Square Mall. Your step mother came in and it blew me away.
    Looking forward to next Monday evening. Please correspond by email. I need to save my minutes for the next 16 days.

    Pastor Scott Olehaven will be glad

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