Get Involved

When God calls his people together into a congregation, he calls them to worship together and to work together. Everything we do works together to strengthen faith and to save souls. Some are more obvious like evangelism programs, teaching Sunday School, and preaching. Some are less obvious, but just as important like keeping up the grounds, providing encouragement or food for the workers, or giving a cup of cold water to a child of God (Matt. 10:42).

There are opportunities for you to get involved in the church and its mission. We want to match your passion with people who share it and with a chance to use it to God’s glory. These opportunities fall into four general categories.

  1. Projects: When something special needs to get done. Something needs to be fixed, replaced, or upgraded like a window or a sound system. When projects are done, they’re done and don’t (if we’ve done it right) need to be done again.
  2. Service: These are the regular day to day, week to week, season to season, things that need doing in the Lord’s work, like teaching, singing, recording, shoveling, mowing, etc. As long as the Lord has not yet returned, the need to get these things done will be there.
  3. Events: Throughout the year we hold special events, like Vacation Bible School, the Living Nativity, the church picnic, special services for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter. A lot of people and a lot of work are needed to make these things happen. When they’re done, they’re done until the next year as long as we believe it will serve the Lord to do it.
  4. Groups: People gather when they have things in common like shared ministries, interests, challenges, and stages of life. The groups can meet at church, in people’s homes, outside, or wherever the spirit moves them. They gather to encourage each other and to support each other. They are open to new members and to peopel who just want to check things out. They last as long as the group wants to keep meeting.

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