From Pastor Tesch – March 25 2020, Whats next?

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You may be familiar with Jeremiah 29:11.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to give you peace, not disaster, plans to give you hope and a future.

It’s a passage filled with hope in dark and uncertain times. What you may not know is that it was spoken to people who were being justly punished for abandoning God. It was spoken to people who had decades left in their punishment. It was spoken to people whom God loved deeply.

Of course, all of God’s promises are spoken to people who don’t deserve them, to people who suffer in a sinful world – to us.

God told the Israelites to obey him while they were in exile. He told them to seek his blessings during their suffering. He told them not to wait until the suffering was done before they obeyed his will.

It can seem like life is on hold during this pandemic. And there are some things that have to wait. We have to wait to go to church again. We have to wait to be with people again. We have to wait until life gets to be a little more normal. But we don’t have to wait to do what God wants.

We can worship right now, in our homes, with our families. We can read the Bible. We can memorize passages. We can sing hymns. We can listen to sermons. We can pray (we should pray!). We can call each other to pray with each other. We can sacrifice for each other. We can serve each other. We can find ways to sacrifice for each other and to strengthen the faith of the ones we love.

The crisis we live in now won’t last forever, but while it does we can serve God. God is right here in the middle of the strangeness. And he has plans for us. Those plans are for both now and the future. And their good ones! Their God’s plans.

We won’t find them if we’re distracting ourselves with everything else. We will only find them if we’re looking for them. Start with God’s word. Read it. Then ask God to help you serve him. Then pay attention to the opportunities he gives you to serve him. It might be something little. It might be picking something up for someone, maybe a sock off the floor, maybe a dish off the table. It might be a kind word. It might be doing a chore so someone’s day is a little easier. But it needs to be something. Something to show the love of God. Something to love each other the way God loves us.

We’re looking for God’s plans after all. His plans are filled with peace and hope and a future.

Then what?

When this is all over, we will keep doing what God wants. We will keep looking for his will. We will keep living in God’s promises and his plans. And he’ll keep blessing us.

That’s what’s next.

God bless you,
Pastor Tesch

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