New Zoo and Adventure Park

Our Youth Group joined in with other area WELS churches this past Saturday – May 19th – to take a visit to the New Zoo and Adventure Park in Green Bay.

Dakota, Tim, Hope, and Mackenzie from Mrs. Kamps’ Classroom at Trinity Lutheran School were all in attendance with a couple of friends, as was Amber, one of our Youth Leaders. Amber took some pictures for the rest of us to get a sense of what we missed out on!


Hope and Mackenzie with friend Alyssa… and a cheetah apparently…


Dakota in an observation station observing Prairie Dogs, while his friend AJ looks on and awaits his turn.

33150500_10156771682318690_8003000020779401216_nMackenzie, Hope, Alyssa, Tim, Dakota, and AJ looking out over an enclosure.


A Duck on her nest

A couple of our teens’ younger siblings came along and went on their own adventure in the park as well! Tim’s mom and dad, Deb and Mike, brought along Tim’s sister, Kelly. Dakota’s mom, Suzanne, brought along his brother, Sam. They had their own fun while the big kids were off doing their own thing!



Ice Cream?? Now I’m really bummed I missed out! 😉

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