Library and Bookstore News!

A big thank you to Bruce and Casey Desotell for doing all the heavy lifting for the Church bookstore and Library reboot!

On Tuesday, we went to Book World to pick up the fixtures we had acquired – 8 double sided book cases (3 for the church Library, 5 for the school), a display bookshelf, and a card rack. Then, on Wednesday we moved the fixtures into place in the Church Basement.


We now have a library corner near the couches, so one can sit and read in comfort if they don’t wish to actually check out the books.

The book store has been moved from that side over to where the table of pamphlets, etc was, (and that table and bulletin board has been moved to where the Library used to be) and we have added a few more products besides cards. Please come check out our new stock!

We now have so much shelf space in our Library, that we are looking for donations to fill them up! If you have any gently used or new books, or funds for the purchase of new books that you would like to donate, please let Judy Tjernagel or Rae Cotton know. We would like to grow the Youth section as well as the Children’s, Christian/wholesome fiction, women’s devotionals, etc.

We have culled the media section by taking out all the old VHS videos. We would also like to grow our media section by adding to the DVD collection and expanding it further than Veggie Tales. We are looking for other Children’s titles as well as other genres. CDs are also welcome.


We are also wanting to expand the bookstore more. If you would like to make a donation of new/gently used goods or funds please speak to Kathy Zorn or Rae Cotton.

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