Revamping the Church Library

Changes have started happening as Judy, Joyce, and Rae have been working hard on the Library in the Trinity Church basement.



There is still much work to be done, we hope to acquire some new book shelves soon and perhaps move some things around… but in the mean time…

library6.pngWe have made a new area for Children and Teens with new shelving over by the current seating area. We have cleaned out the collection and replaced books with new titles bought through Northwestern Publishing house, and acquired through an anonymous donation!

We have also received a LOT of new titles for our adult section, especially in the way of wholesome fiction – including some mysteries! Our fiction shelf has gone from a 1/2 shelf, to about 1 1/2 shelves!


There is a new small display for featured titles – now holding most of the Christmas and advent books we have. Come, check it out!


In cleaning out the stock of books, we have also set out multiple older titles for the taking. Please come take a look and take what you would like from the free boxes.


We are excited for the changes we are undertaking with the revamping of the library, we hope you are too! Some changes are slowly happening with the bookstore as well, so keep an eye out for that! Keep in mind as well that all our Christmas Cards are out for the bookstore currently, we’ve pulled out some really lovely ones that had been hidden away – take a look while you’re looking over the library!

As a reminder, please be courteous when checking out the books by taking care not to write in or damage any books, and by bringing them back within three weeks.

The card box, at present, is still on the shelves by the kitchen. Please fill out the cards with name and date you took the book and place inside the box. This also applies for the children and youth books. Once the books are returned, you may just leave them on the shelf next to the card box and one of us will reunite it with it’s card and put it away. Thank you.


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