Trinity’s Reindeer Games!

On December 2nd, Trinity hosted the area youth group by holding a Christmas themed party. Eleven kids were in attendance, six from Trinity, two from St John-Grover, and Three from Grace-Crivitz.

We started with a devotion by Pastor Tesch. Where we sang a couple songs and he spoke to us about Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


Afterwards we played some ice breaker games and then split into two teams by way of color coded nametags – Green and Red.


The Green Team and the Red Team competed in  fierce competitions using their wits and physical fortitude.

After the Christmas rivals finished their best efforts at vying for the coveted title of “Trinity’s Most Amazing Reindeer Games Winners EVER” the GREEN Team won by a landslide! They earned 34.5 points and received golden bell medals for their efforts.



The Green Team: Krista, Johnny, Dominic, Elise, Mackenzie, and Krista.

The Red team put forth a mighty effort, however, and finished with 21.5 Points.



The Red Team: Dakota, Adam, Lukas, Rebekka, and Hope




The tense competition worked up quite the appetite in our growing teens, so we settled down for some Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, and decorated (and noshed on) some Christmas cookies. To round out our afternoon, we also made some Christmas cards, played some basketball and signed some cards for our older Trinity members that are no longer able to attend church.

Thank you to Amber McMahon and Pastor Tesch for helping out for the event, and thank you to the kids and Pastor Kock (from Grace Lutheran Church) who came and made this an afternoon to remember 🙂

-Rae Cotton, Trinity Youth Leader

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