Combined Youth Group at Daves Falls!

This past Saturday, our Youth leader and one of our 6th graders – Dakota – trekked down to Crivitz to visit Grace Lutheran Church.



Dakota chillin’ near the falls


We stopped into the church just before 1 PM where we met up with Youth and leaders from Grace, as well as St Paul’s Lutheran in Menomonie, Calvary Lutheran in Abrams, Trinity Lutheran in Coleman, and St Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran in Spruce.

We started with a short devotional lead by Pastor Kock – the youth minister for Grace – in which we discussed the truth of the “red balloon.”

We then headed out for the drive to Daves Falls where the youth had a great time exploring the trails, climbing rocks, and taking advantage of every photo opportunity. A few of the older ones even climbed all the way up to the train tracks at the end of the park!

It was a perfect day for exploring God’s creation, how lucky we are that he has gifted us such a beautiful planet to live on!



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