Bible Reading and Commentary for the week August 7-12, 2017

Bible Reading and Commentary for the week
August 7-12, 2017

I & II KINGS — The books of I & II Kings were written about 560 B.C. This is the history of God’s people from Solomon until the Babylonian Captivity. They are sad books as we see Israel sinking deeper and deeper into sin. The joy that shines through the gloom is that there is a remnant of believers left. From that remnant who belonged to the tribe of Judah, some 500 years after their return from Babylonian Captivity, God fulfilled His promise and sent us the Savior of the world.

Monday, August 7, I Kings 1

Vv. 28-35 — David’s swift and precise handling of the matter in making Solomon king shows that he is not senile. It gave the people confidence that this was the Lord’s will and that Adonijah was not the Lord’s chosen. Solomon was God’s choice to be the next king. Read vv. 29-30; II Sam. 12:24, 25 and I Chron. 22:6-10.

Tuesday, August 8, I Kings 2

v. 10 — David, as great as he was, died. His mighty, eternal offspring (Rev. 22:16), Jesus, is the Morning Star, God’s Son, whose kingdom has no end.
v. 22 — Adonijah was Solomon’s brother. In chapter one, verses 5-7, we see that he followed the same course as Absalom. Unfortunately, had David disciplined his sons Adonijah and Absalom, their rebellions may not have occurred. While discipline today is despised by the world, it develops character when done in love. In ancient times, the man who possessed the king’s harem was looked upon as the successor to the throne. Adonijah’s intent in marrying Abishag was probably to gain the throne. This led to the death of both Adonijah and Joab, who joined the conspiracy. (vv. 25, 34)

Wednesday, August 9, I Kings 3

Vv. 9-14 — For what Solomon was asking, God was well-pleased. However, there is a higher wisdom to seek than earthly wisdom. Read about it in II Timothy 3:15 and Rom. 1:16.

Thursday, August 10, I Kings 4

v. 20 — Solomon began his reign giving God all glory and praise. (I Kings 3:15) God’s response to Solomon was staggering blessings that all Israel enjoyed. Verses 20 and 25 give a sneak preview of life in heaven. In heaven, that kind of a blessed life on forever. For a beautiful description of heaven read Rev. 21:1-4.

Friday, August 11, I Kings 5

v. 6 — Nothing but the best went into the temple. Cedars of Lebanon were prized trees.
v. 13 — Think what a massive project the building of God’s temple was! The number of men drafted by Solomon was more than the population of Marinette and Menominee combined.

Saturday, August 12, I Kings 6

Vv. 11-13 — Even before Solomon finished building the temple, which must have been extremely beautiful, God reminded Solomon that the temple itself guaranteed them no blessings and security from God. That guarantee was in vv. 12 and 13. We should also keep this in mind and God’s sure promise in Rev. 2:10: “Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

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