2016-09-14 Martin Luther Quiz

Martin Luther Quiz

1. Why did the church need a Reformation?
a. The Muslims burned the churches and the books. They killed Christians.
b. The Church stopped teaching the Bible.
c. The Church’s message wasn’t all about Jesus anymore, it was all about the saints.

2. What did Luther find that was so special in the Bible?
a. Salvation by faith
b. In Romans 3:21
3. What are indulgences?
a. Pieces of paper the Catholic church was selling, promising to forgive sins.
b. They also promised that indulgences would spring people from purgatory.

4. What is Reformation Day?
a. The day Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses
b. To the castle church door
c. In Wittenberg.
5. What did Luther say at the Diet of Worms?
a. Unless you can prove from the Bible that what I said was wrong
b. I cannot and will not take anything back.
c. Here I stand.
d. I cannot do otherwise. God help me.

6. What did Luther do at the Warburg Castle?
a. Translated the Bible
b. The New Testament
c. From Greek into German.

7. Were you in church this last Sunday? If so, where? If not, why not? Were you in Bible Study or Footsteps?

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