Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week August 15-20, 2016

Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week
August 15-20, 2016

Monday, August 15, Proverbs 19
v. 4 – The rich have more friends than the poor. Yet those friends are fair weather friends. When the going gets tough, they aren’t there.
vv. 5-9 – Lying is a dangerous sin. That’s why the verse was repeated by Solomon. To see how dangerous it is, reread verse 9 carefully.
vv. 17, 18, 20 – Underline.

Tuesday, August 16, Proverbs 20
v. 7 – Parents who lead God-fearing, Christ-centered lives not only benefit themselves, but also their children by providing a positive, God-pleasing example.
v. 17 – I may enjoy what I gain in deception and dishonesty. At first it tastes sweet. However, those who build their lives on dishonesty, their mouths are like being full of gravel. They are choking off their new life in Christ. To lose it would mean eternal death.
vv. 19, 20, 23 – Underline.

Wednesday, August 17, Proverbs 21
v. 16 – Those who wander away from the understanding of God’s Word will be quarrelsome (v. 9), greedy (v. 13), and have an evil tongue (v. 28). Living in these sins and not turning from them-such people someday will rest in the company of the dead. To be alive in Christ-filled with peace, joy, love, kindness and mercy-such understanding is brought us in the Gospel and Sacraments. Those who use the Gospel and Sacraments faithfully will be in the congregation of the living. (Rom. 1:16)
v. 21 – The righteousness and love we need to pursue is that righteousness and love found in Jesus Christ, our Savior. A hymn verse that sums this up beautifully is this one:
“Jesus loves me, God’s own Son, Over sin the victory won.
When I die, saved by His grace, I shall see Him face to face.”

Thursday, August 18, Proverbs 22
v. 1 – Underline.
v. 2 – In this passage, God speaks out against a Communistic type of government. The Lord is the Maker of them all, rich and poor. However, the Lord expects the rich to help out those in need. Cf. chapter 19:17.
vv. 6, 15 – Every child, no matter how small it is, has a sinful nature. Cf. Ps. 51:5. Because of that inborn evil nature, there are 2 things necessary for a proper training. One is the use of God’s Word (v. 6; Eph. 6:4), and the other is discipline, using the rod when necessary, coupled with Christ-like love (v. 15 and John 15:12). Parents who use both with their children will have children who grow up fearing God. They will also love and respect their parents.

Friday, August 19, Proverbs 23
vv. 13, 14, 22, 26 – Some more excellent wisdom for raising a child. To permit a child to grow up undisciplined would be tragic. The end result is in v. 14. Both verses, 22 and 26, are based on the premise that mother and father are living God-fearing lives and both are following these words of God found in Eph. 6:4 and Ps. 119:105.
v. 17 – One sin that Christian young people and adults should never be envious or jealous of the world is the sin of drunkenness (v. 21). The terrible danger of drinking too much Solomon clearly points out to us in vv. 31-33. The apostle Paul speaks of the devastating consequences of drunkenness in I Cor. 6:9, 10

Saturday, August 20, Proverbs 24
vv. 13-14 – The sweetest wisdom to eat and drink of is the Bread and Water of Life. It’s the knowledge that we are saved sinners through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus. In that hope we will never be cut off.
v. 16 – One single calamity can bring down the unbeliever and lead him to despair and hopelessness. (Gen. 4) With the Christian, it’s different. He always rises. Proof of that is in Gen. 37-50, Ps. 37:39, 40 and also Rom. 8:28.
vv. 17-18 – What are we to do when our enemy falls? We are to pray that the Lord would bring about his conversion. Rom. 8:28, 37-39

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