Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week June 27 – July 2, 2016

Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week
June 27 – July 2, 2016

Monday, June 27, I Corinthians 7
Vv. 10, 11, 15, 39 — Marriage is a tremendous earthly blessing that God ordained way back in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:24) How does God feel about divorce? That you see in v. 11 and MalachI 2:16 God wants marriage to last how long? Read v. 39. In that verse, to marry “in the Lord,” (AAT) or one who “belongs to the Lord,” (NIV) very likely means to marry someone who is a Christian. God permits divorce only for 2 reasons. They are malicious desertion (v. 15) and adultery (Matt. 19:9).
v. 14 — Because of a Christian spouse, God blesses a mixed marriage. The husband can be won over by her behavior (I Peter 3:1). The Christian parent also will influence and train his or her children to be faithful to the Lord. As a result, such children will be holy to the Lord. They will be God’s own.

Tuesday, June 28, I Corinthians 8
Vv. 8, 13 — Earthly food has nothing to do with our spiritual life. Sometimes people make laws out of things that are not laws. In Paul’s day, it was eating meat offered to idols. In our day, it could be drinking an alcoholic beverage. If someone joined our church and still was troubled with that, in front of that weak brother or sister we wouldn’t drink. Doing so might lead the Christian with a weakened conscience to sin (v. 13).

Wednesday, June 29, I Corinthians 9
Vv. 24-27 — In these verses, Paul used athletics to teach us something about our spiritual life. As someone in the Olympics, or even a college or professional athlete will make great sacrifices, zealously avoid things that would weaken him physically, and spend long, weary hours in training, so we Christians are to follow that same type of training schedule in our spiritual lives. Why? Our prize isn’t temporal, but eternal life.

Thursday, June 30, I Corinthians 10
Vv. 11-13 — Underline. Heed God’s warning and encouragement!
Vv. 16-17 — What do we receive at the Lord’s table (Holy Communion)? Together with the bread and wine, we do receive Christ’s true body and blood.
v. 31 — With adiaphora, things in which God has given us no law, there we apply God’s Word in v. 31. When we, however, misuse and abuse our Christian freedoms and rather glorify our lusts and desires, then we are involving ourselves in sins against God’s ten commandments.

Friday, July 1, I Corinthians 11
Vv. 10, 16 — Paul favored women wearing hats in worship to show they recognized man’s headship. He does not say we have to follow that. That’s because it was a custom for them and not a law. Our Augsburg Confession agrees. “As no one will say that a woman sins who goes out in public with her head uncovered, provided only that no offense be given.”
v. 28 — Do you examine yourself before coming to the Lord’s Supper? Such an examination is on page 156 of our new Hymnal (CW). Use it! It’s a good one.

Saturday, July 2, I Corinthians 12
v. 3 — Who brings us to faith? It’s the Holy Spirit through the power of the Gospel. Read also I Corinthians 6:11 and Titus 3:5-7.
Vv. 12-20 — As all parts of the human body are important and dependent on each other, so it works the same way for all of us Christians in the Christian Church. God has given gifts to all of us, even those gifts the world might look at as unimportant. Some of them are listed in vv. 8-11 and in Romans 12:6-8. Through those gifts, we together strengthen each other and further the work of God’s Kingdom.

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