Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week June 20-25, 2016

Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week
June 20-25, 2016

I CORINTHIANS — The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Christian Church in Corinth. He correctly addressed, on the basis of Law and Gospel, spiritual problems they were having, such as lawsuits, sexual sins, drunkenness at the Lord’s Supper, and disbelieving Christ’s resurrection. Two outstanding chapters of I Corinthians are chapters 13 and 15. They discuss real, true love, and the certainty of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Monday, June 20, I Corinthians 1
Vv. 22-30 — Even today, Christ is still a stumbling block and foolishness to many. They stumble over Christ because, like the Jews, they are of-
fended at Christ. They believe they are much wiser than God and we humans can answer all our needs. That’s why more lowly, weak and foolish people are saved than the wise. They come empty of their own ability. They truly realize what sinners they are and how hopeless life is without Christ. It’s to such that God gives life through Christ Jesus, whom God made our wisdom, righteousness, holiness and ransom from sin (v30).

Tuesday, June 21, I Corinthians 2
v. 14 — Can an unbelieving person come to faith by himself? It’s impossible, as the Apostle Paul reminds us. To the unbelievers, God’s free gift of salvation is foolishness. To be saved, we need the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment through the Gospel (vv. 2-4). Only then will we accept God’s wondrous salvation. Read also Titus 3:5-7 to prove this.

Wednesday, June 22, I Corinthians 3
v. 2 — “Milk” refers to the “A-B-C’s” of God’s Word. “Solid food” means getting into the deeper things of God’s Word.
v. 6 — In a Christian congregation, we shouldn’t ever criticize shepherds who are faithful, or boast of one over the other. Some shepherds or pastors plant the seed. Their hearers begin weak in faith and can’t receive solid food. Pastors that follow, as they work with a maturing Christian and are able to feed their hearers more solid food, reap more visible benefits, as the maturing Christian becomes more active in the Christian congregation. Who is responsible for this growth? It’s not the pastors, but God alone who makes things grow. (v. 7)

Thursday, June 23, I Corinthians 4
Vv. 1-2 — The Apostle Paul, as pastors today, was a manager of the secret things or mysteries of God. These mysteries are the Gospel and Sacraments. They are mysteries to us because the Holy Spirit, through them, does His awesome miracle of rebirth in our hearts, making us children of God.
Vv. 16-17 — In life, we should look for role models to follow. Instead of looking to the world, we should look at those in the Christian Church who humbly and faithfully serve the Lord. Don’t imitate worldly role models. They take from people instead of giving and often live immoral lives. Look how different Paul was from them! His life truly imitated Christ’s life. Read vv. 11-13.

Friday, June 24, I Corinthians 5
Vv. 1, 7 — In the congregation at Corinth, a man was boldly living in incest. The congregation, apparently caught up in the immoral spirit of their day, had no objections to what he was doing (v. 2). Paul bluntly told them this is sexual immorality and he should be excommunicated. (v. 5) The reason for this action is in vv. 7-8. Paul compares sin to yeast. As yeast spreads in the dough, so sin, if it’s condoned, will spread and infect the whole congregation. Freed from sin, we are no longer to live as sinners, but in sincerity and truth, living blameless lives before God. That life is clearly described in Col. 3:5-17.

Saturday, June 25, I Corinthians 6
Vv. 6-8 — Believers were filing lawsuits against believers. Everyone was looking out for himself. Paul says such behavior among believers is shameful (v. 5).
v. 12 — The philosophy of the worldly society in Corinth was “everything is permissible.” Today it’s “We’ve got our rights.” Paul, however, reminded the Corinthian Christians that not everything is beneficial or permissible. A catalog of such things is in vv. 9-10. That all those sins can be conquered, even homosexuality, is evident in v. 11. The power to flee from all sexual immorality is found in these words, “But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the spirit of our God.” Once you are a Christian, remember who you are and the price God paid to make you His own.
Vv. 19-20 — Teenagers, write these two passages on a small index card and keep it in your wallet!

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