Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week May 30 – June 4, 2016

Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week
May 30 – June 4, 2016
Monday, May 30, Psalms 126

vv. 1, 3 – As Israel, released from its captivity, returned to Jerusalem with rejoicing, so we Christians someday, released from the captivity of this life, will return home to heaven with endless rejoicing.
v. 5 – Underline. Where will we sing those songs of joy? Read Rev. 21:1-4

Tuesday, May 31, Psalms 127, 128

Here are 2 short psalms on the family. Each one could be used for a marriage ceremony. They both speak of the richest and best earthly blessing of all, and that’s God’s gift of children. To enjoy that blessing, parents must fear (stand in awe of) the Lord and walk in God’s ways. (Ps. 128:1) For those who do, what does God promise in Ps. 128:2?

Wednesday, June 1, Psalm 129

v. 8 – So that all in Israel could continue to say to each other, “The blessing of the Lord be upon you,” and respond, “We bless you in the name of the Lord,” it was necessary that God make Israel’s enemies as grassless and barren as the rooftops (v. 6). Rooftops in Israel had surfaces made of dirt or clay. Boaz used this beautiful greeting with his workers (Ruth 2:4). We use it on Sundays on page 17 of the Common Service.

Thursday, June 2, Psalms 130, 131

Both Psalms have this beautiful sentence, “O Israel, put your hope in the Lord.” Psalm 130 makes clear why our hope in the Lord will be certain, sure and steadfast. That’s because with the Lord there is unfailing love and in Him is full or abundant redemption (Ps. 130:7). The answer to verse 3 of Psalm 130 is never in us. You’ll find it in verses 4 & 7 of Psalm 130. Psalm 130 is also an excellent Psalm of repentance. It might be used in preparation for Holy Communion. In place of Israel in verse 7 of Psalm 130, put your name.

Friday, June 3, Psalm 132

vv. 1-5 – David didn’t feel it was right that he should enjoy a beautiful palace while there was no place for the ark of the covenant. So David resolved in his lifetime to build a temple for the Lord.

vv. 11-18 – God promised David that one of his descendants would rule forever. Solomon, who followed David, would sit on the throne and build the temple. But God would establish His eternal rule through the Messiah, Christ, the Lord. He would be the horn, the strong one, whose crown on His head would be resplendent. For a description, read Rev. 1:14-16.

Saturday, June 4, Psalms 133, 134

Ps. 133:2 – The abundant outpouring of oil on the head of Aaron reminded the Israelites of the abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the church. The Holy Spirit, through Gospel and Sacraments, works unity and joy among us and gives us the tremendous assurance of life forever in heaven.

Ps. 134:3 – The last Psalm of Ascents was probably sung by the Jews as they were heading home from Jerusalem. The first 2 verses are a reflection on their worship in the temple. In v. 3, they are asking the Lord’s blessings on their fellow homeward-bound worshipers.

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