Bible Reading Commentary for the Week May 16-21, 2016

Bible Reading Commentary for the Week
May 16-21, 2016
Monday, May 16, Psalms 113-114
According to Jewish tradition, Psalms 113-118 became a standard part of the Passover celebration. Psalms 113-114 were used before the meal and Psalms 116-118 after the meal.
Why is God’s name to be praised forever? That’s because the Lord’s reign is supreme (Ps. 113:4). As he raised Joseph from the ash heap and made him Prime Minister of all Egypt, so He’ll do the same for every Christian as He takes us someday from the dust of the earth and exalts us to glory in heaven (Ps. 113:7-8). Think also of God’s tremendous power in Ps. 114:8 in being able to get water out of dry, solid rock (Ex. 17). That’s a small taste of His power in comparison to His crushing and conquering sin, Satan and hell for us, and, as a result, becoming for us the water of life. (John 4:13, 14)

Tuesday, May 17, Psalm 115
vv. 4-8 – The Psalmist here certainly gives us an apt description of an idol. Those who trust in them are like the idol they worship. They are totally dead spiritually with no real hope in this life. These verses also clearly prove how foolish it is to put your trust in idols. Our silver and gold idols can be the dollar bill and what it can buy. How ridiculous to fear, love and trust in that instead of God, who is eternal, gives us eternal life through Christ’s redemption, and whom the highest heavens cannot contain.

Wednesday, May 18, Psalm 116
vv. 12-14 – How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me? The Psalmist has these answers: 1) Take the cup of salvation, which, in our time, could refer to Holy Communion. 2) Call upon the name of the Lord, which means daily pray to the Lord. 3) Finally, keep your vows to the Lord. They are promises, such as we made at our Confirmation and marriage.
v. 15 – The reason our death is precious in God’s sight is because God takes our soul to heaven and there it awaits the resurrection of our body on Judgment Day. (Phil. 3:21)
Thursday, May 19, Psalms 117, 118
Ps. 117:1 – This is the shortest chapter in the Bible and a very fitting conclusion to the praise Psalms which began at Psalm 103. Perhaps it was intended to be a brief conclusion to the whole group of Psalms. We can all join in its chorus of praise.

How did God reveal His great love to us? He speaks of that love in Psalm 117:2 and 118:1. He accomplished that when He sent us Jesus who became our salvation (Ps. 118:4). Jesus became the capstone, cornerstone, of the Holy Christian Church, which the builders, the Jews, rejected. (Ps. 118:22 and Matt. 21:42; Acts 4:10-12) The “Sanctus” in the communion liturgy on page 22, is based on vv. 25 and 26 of Ps. 118. Hosanna means “Save us.” “Sanctus” means “holy.”

The letters, which introduce each section of Psalm 119, are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Friday, May 20, Psalm 119:1-40
v. 9 – In order for young people to lead pure lives, it is necessary for them to study God’s Word. That’s to be done through Bible Classes, personal Bible study, family devotions, review of the Catechism and faithful church attendance.
v. 32 – Enlarging the heart or setting your heart free is to increase one’s understanding of God’s Word through Bible Class attendance and other activities mentioned above. Doing that, the Holy Spirit will move us to run in the way of God’s commandments.

Saturday, May 21, Psalm 119:41-80
v. 72 – The Law is better than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. The Law here is all of God’s Word, both Law and Gospel. The Law is a flawless guide on how we are to live with others. The Gospel gives us the strength to live that God-pleasing, peace-centered life. The Gospel alone is the power of God unto eternal salvation. Cf. Rom. 1:16 .

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