Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week May 2-7, 2016

Bible Reading and Commentary for the Week
May 2-7, 2016
Monday, May 2, Psalms 97-98
Ps. 97:6 – The most outstanding way the heavens revealed God’s righteousness was when Jesus, our King of righteousness, came from heaven to earth to bring us righteousness. (Cf. Matt. 1:21) Look back also to Psalm 96:13.
Ps. 98:4,5 – Why should we Christians break forth in song and shout joyfully unto the Lord? That is because God has made His salvation known to the ends of the earth (vv. 2-3). As He kept that marvelous promise down through the centuries, He surely will keep His last one and someday judge the world with equity (fairly, AAT) with justice and righteousness. (v. 9)
Tuesday, May 3, Psalms 99, 100
Ps. 99:2 – Zion originally was a hill on which Jerusalem was built. Here it very likely is a reference to the temple at Jerusalem where Israel worshiped the Lord. Cf. also Is. 18:7. Zion is also a name used for the Holy Christian Church.
Ps. 99:8-9 – We worship God because He is holy. In His holiness, He gives us perfect justice. His dealings with us are flawless. Best of all, the One who is sinless, Jesus Christ, forgives all our sins. Read Ps. 103:3, 12 and Eph. 1:7. This was good reason for Israel to worship Him. This was good reason for Israel to worship Him at His holy mountain. For us, it’s our place of worship on Sunday morning.
Ps. 100:1,4 – On Sunday mornings, in fact, every day of the week, why do we Christians shout for joy to the Lord and enter His gates, the doors of our church, with thanksgiving? The Psalmist gives us 3 excellent reasons: 1) God has made us (v. 3; Ps. 139:13, 14). 2) We are His sheep (v.3, Ps. 23). His love and faithfulness are with us forever (v. 5).

Wednesday, May 4, Psalm 101
vv. 1-3 – Some feel this Psalm was composed by David for Solomon’s coronation. These words should be goals set by all of our fathers and mothers for their families. While we never perfectly attain them in this life, Jesus did for us. It’s also only through Him that we find the strength to live as God wants us to. Most importantly of all, it’s only through Him that we are saved. (John 17:3)
vv. 5-7 – Here are sins that God detests and as Christians, we should not live in them. Only with God’s help found in the Gospel, can we behave wisely and live the way God wants us to live. (Cf. Gal. 5:22)

Thursday, May 5, Psalms 102
v. 16 – The Psalmist who wrote this psalm was probably writing during Babylonian exile. Hope, peace and happiness are found in v. 16. God did restore Zion and did appear in glory. This refers to Jesus, the Son of God, coming to this earth for us. He restored Zion, His church, when He atoned for all of our sins and opened again heaven to us. His resur- rection and ascension into heaven make this work supremely glorious.
vv. 25-28 – These are extremely comforting words. We and the world will wear out and perish. Only God stays the same. Trusting in Him, we are established forever. Jesus said, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.” (John 3:36)

Friday, May 6, Psalm 103
v. 3 – Notice carefully how God forgives not some, but all our sin. In fact, through Christ’s atonement, for those who put their trust in Jesus, God sees our sins no more. Look at v. 12. How far is the east from the west? It stretches into infinity.
vv. 15-16 – While we are like the grass and the flowers of the field, here today and gone tomorrow, God and His kingdom in heaven are eternal (v. 19). That’s where He plans to take us to live someday. Read also Rev. 21:1-4.

Saturday, May 7, Psalm 104
v. 1 – The psalmist gives us many reasons to praise the Lord. The key verse is v. 24. In wisdom that far outweighs ours, God created the universe, gives life to plants and animals which fills our lives with happiness and joy. What a bleak world it would be without them!
vv. 3, 4 – The wind and fire are probably the wind and lightning in nature that God created. God’s holy angels also are described as flames of fire. Read II Kings 6:17.
vv. 27-28 – This is a good mealtime prayer. In it we are crediting God as our wondrous, marvelous, generous preserver and benefactor. The words are best in the King James Version: “The eyes of all wait upon Thee, O Lord, and Thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest Thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”

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