Bible Reading and Commentary November 2-7, 2015

Bible Reading and Commentary
November 2-7, 2015

The book of Acts serves as a “bridge” in the New Testament. It connects what Jesus “began to do and teach” (1:1) in the Gospels, with the establishment of the New Testament church and the letters or epistles we read in the rest of the New Testament. Written by Luke, it carries on where the Gospel of Luke left off, at Jesus’ ascension. Survey the book today, based on the outline provided in Acts 1:8. “You will be My witnesses in Jerusalem (chapters 1-7), Judea and Samaria (chapters 8-12) and the ends of the earth (chapters 13-28).”

Monday, November 2, Acts 1
v. 5 — Baptism by the Holy Spirit did not precede or take the place of Baptism which Jesus intended for all, and instituted in Matt. 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-16. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is that special baptism John referred to in Luke 3:16. It happened on the day of Pentecost and ushered in the era of the Holy Christian Church. Read Acts 2:1-11.
v. 11 — Even though Jesus ascended into heaven, He is still with us. Proof of that is in Eph. 1:20-23 and Matt. 28:20.

Tuesday, November 3, Acts 2
v. 4 – .The gift of the Holy Spirit here was not ecstatic speech, but the ability for the apostles who had no formal education, to speak in foreign languages. Proof is in vv. 5-11.
Vv. 38-39 — Excellent proof for infant baptism.
v. 42 — Underline.
Vv. 44-45 — Early Christians did this out of love to help needy Christians. This was not a demand or command of God. It was purely Gospel-motivated. Read I John 4:10-12, 19.

Wednesday, November 4, Acts 3
Vv. 6-8, 12, 15-16 — The miracles of Jesus, and now of the apostles, were meant to impress the Gospel message in the hearts of people. They were done to direct the observers of these earthly miracles, empowered by Jesus, to an even greater miracle that Jesus had done. That was the miracle of the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Peter, therefore, seized the opportunity to preach powerful Law and very sweet Gospel to
the people assembled there. Those are still the things we need to hear to keep our hearts and our lives closely connected to our Savior.
v. 19 — The heart and core of chapter 3 is not the miracle of healing the lame man’s legs, but verse 19. Do you walk, leap, and praise the Lord for His healing you from the most crippling disease of all, sin?

Thursday, November 5, 2015
v. 12 — Underline. Another verse that clearly shows that we are saved not by works, but by Jesus Christ alone.
v. 31 — The gift of the Holy Spirit here is not the ability to speak in tongues, but to speak God’s Word boldly.
v. 36 — Barnabas, the man to whom Luke introduces us, will later become Paul’s missionary companion.

Friday, November 6, 2015
Vv. 3-4 — Scripture clearly tells us here that the Holy Spirit is God.
v. 5 — Ananias was a hypocrite. In his heart he never believed in Jesus. God’s terrible judgment upon him and his wife is a warning to all. hypocrites. Read Gal. 6:7-8.
v. 29 — Underline. In everything we must obey parents and governments, except when they order us to act contrary toward God’s Word.

Saturday, November 7, 2015
v. 2 — Because the Christian Church was growing (chap. 2:41 and 4:4), the apostles couldn’t take care of both the preaching and teaching plus the financial and charitable part of the work. Notice the kind of laymen that were selected to care for these matters (v. 3). Shouldn’t we look for the same kind of men in those we choose for offices in our church? Read I Tim. 3:8-12.

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